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#4206: The maple trees are rimed with green

And that means they've sprouted leaves. I can't remember a spring I anticipated as much as this one.

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So today Vox Day announces that Larry Coreia has won the debate on whether or not the Hugo Awards (and other, similar awards) are awards for politically correct thinking.

The leftists in the SF community have spoken: it's perfectly valid, they claim, to vote against a person's work if you disagree with his opinions.

I pegged John Scalzi's politics back when I discovered he was writing a reboot of Little Fuzzy:
He's won some awards, though not major ones; and that tells me that he's probably taken a maggoty, runny shit all over H. Beam Piper's world. I'll have to read his fanfic version to see, but I'll be a monkey's assistant if I'm going to buy the damn thing. I'll get it from the local library.

Wait, you ask--what makes me think that? So the guy's won some awards; why does that make you think this guy's crapped on Piper's work?

Well, you see, the only people who win writing awards are people who have the "right" opinions and write with "correct" politics. Okay, Flashforward's author Robert Sawyer filled his novel with short polemics about socialized medicine and also uncritically presented "the future" with massive ozone depletion because of CFCs.


Robert Sawyer wins writing awards.

So this John Scalzi has won some minor awards himself; his status as a not-very-well-known writer is probably why he's not won bigger ones. And I'd wager those awards are the kind of prizes given to people because they write well and have the correct opinions, the same way most awards are.

Piper's universe was largely libertarian/conservative, with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reliance; someone who wins writing awards is likely to shit all over that.
And I pegged him, right from the get-go. I had never heard of Old Man's War, nor had I ever heard of Scalzi; subsequently, however, I've learned that Scalzi is indeed a hyperpartisan leftist who's more than willing to silence people whose opinions he does not share.

Among other things, Larry Coreia's efforts vis-a-vis the 2014 Hugo Awards have demonstrated the truth of the SF left: they're just as totalitarian, just as intolerant of dissent, as the rest of the left.

This is fun.

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John C. Wright will let you read this excellent story for free. I highly recommend that you do.

* * *

A total retard has stated for the record that our reliance on fossil fuels is the moral equivalent of slavery. You take away our machines that run on gasoline or diesel and slavery will come back in a big hurry. Slavery is an institution which only thrives in the correct economic circumstances; the industrial revolution guaranteed that slavery would end (at least in civilized countries).

Even if the American Civil War had never taken place, slavery in the US was doomed as soon as we worked out how to make a steam engine. (For one thing, steam engines don't try to escape. They also don't get sick and die.)

...but of course the idiots don't see a problem with killing 90% of the human population on Earth. They assume they'd be among the 10% which lived, but I wouldn't be too sure about that. The collapse of civilization is never predictable, and if you jump wrong you're done.

* * *

Today I bought a USB 3.0 interface card for my computer. If I can figure out how to get the 1 TB drive out of the WD enclosure--assuming it's SATA--I'm going to put it into the Dynex enclosure I bought the other week. It's USB 3.0 and it'll be fast with the new USB ports. Whee!

* * *

Nothing else going on. Tired.

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