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#4214: Glorious day in May

Gorgeous weather today--70s, sunny--and I managed to get some of the grass cut yesterday, so I only need to finish cutting it today.

I pulled the tractor's battery in October to charge it and never got around to making one final cut to the lawn--it simply did not need it--so it was still sitting on my workbench in the garage. I hooked it up to the charger while I was getting gas, and once I got home I put it in and the tractor started right up.

If I had let it get any taller, I would have needed a herd of goats to deal with the front grass. As it is, the south side will be the bane of my existence today, and I still have to cut the back yard. I did get the "east 40" done yesterday, which is good because that was also heading for "goat herd" territory at maximum velocity.

So, just guess what I'm doing this afternoon.

* * *

Apparently there was this Star Wars day thing recently.

I just don't see the point. What is it? An opportunity for pathetic nerds to haul out their Darth Vader masks and watch movies they already know by heart? I don't know how long it's been since I watched Star Wars. I was going to try watching all six movies in order (one or two per sitting) but I got as far as the original movie (since retitled "Episode IV: A New Hope") before giving up on that project.

And I think that was 2008 or so.

As much as I enjoyed the first three movies, I'm just not impressed with them any longer. George Lucas' incessant tampering with the films has not helped, either. And the prequels were awful. As an adult with a job and other constraints on his time I have simply outgrown the SW franchise, and while it has a fond place in my heart I simply don't get why there has to be a SW day.


* * *

This is what I'd like to tell people. Okay, that antivirus program you have on your computer? It only stops about half of the threats on a good day, and that goes for the name-brand ones as well as the freebies you get on the Internet. There's simply no good way to protect your machine from all the malware threats out there.

Look: no single living person understands the entirety of what goes on inside your computer. Okay? The operating system is tens of millions of lines of code and was written by an army of people. Further, the electronics inside the computer were designed by armies of people and no one person understands much more than his little bit of the effort; certainly there is no one at Intel or AMD who knows the entirety of one of their modern multicore microprocessors.

The days when a guru could know everything there is to know about a component (OS, processor, RAM controller, whatever) are long, long, fucking gone. Perhaps in the 1970s there was a single person who knew all there is to know about the Intel 4004, and how every component interacted--but not any more, not when there are literal billions (tens of billions) of transistors in a microprocessor and the microcode that runs it is more complicated than the OS for the original IBM PC. And because no one can understand the gestalt there are always going to be vulnerabilities that people can exploit.

The more that I learn about computers, the more amazed I am when anything works the way it's supposed to. Holy crap.

* * *

Well, that grass ain't gonna cut itself. I'd better get busy.

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