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#421: Okay, what the hell.

Never let it be said I don't know how to jump on a bandwagon. (via PDB)

There is a wealth of commentary I can make about many of the songs from my 18th year. It's hard to limit myself to five of them. But, here goes:

One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head) was my favorite song of the year, I think. Where else can you get a guy rapping about a master-level chess match in Thailand? The best verse is the last one:

"Siam's going to be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness;
"This grips me more than would a muddy old river or reclining Buddha.
"Thank God I'm only watching the game--controlling it.
"I don't see you guys rating the kind of mate I'm contemplating.
"I'd let you watch; I would invite you,
"But the queens we use would not excite you."

The song comes from a musical called Chess, which I wanted to see but never did. Through the magic of DVD I suppose I could see it now, but I lost interest in that idea sometime in the 1990s.

I know this song so well that I can bang out the lyrics on cue when I hear the song.

The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News) was virtually the theme song of the movie Back to the Future, which was the first movie I saw multiple times in the theater since Return of the Jedi. It was time travel done right; I really enjoyed the movie. I was somethign of a fan of Huey Lewis and the News; their album Sports had contained a lot of good music. (Their next album was not so good, but I still bought it.)

Broken Wings (Mr. Mister) didn't really register with me until January of 1986. Up until then it was a not-bad song; but after January 28, 1986, it did take on a rather poignant undertone.

(That was the day Challenger exploded, for those of you who were either too young or nonexistent in 1986 to remember.)

You're the Inspiration (Chicago) was the theme song for the Senior Prom I never went to. *sniff, sniff* Everyone at my high school was an utter asshole. The school system in Crete sucks balls. The athletic program was pathetic. You know how much it sucked? They had to have a pep rally for the yearbook that year because there weren't enough orders to print the stupid thing. How sad is that?

The Prom King made a speech at that stupid little rally. I remember it very well. "I'm not going to scream, I'm not going to yell, I'm just going to say 'thank you', 'thank you', because now we're not going to have a yearbook this year." Just like that. Whee! I'm motivated!

Smooth Operator (Sade)--Jesus Christ. Do not get me started. Fuck. I can't believe 1985 was when that woman got her start. Her songs are awful. Her singing is awful. Jesus Christ, if anyone on this planet ever needed tone correction, it was her. Jesus! I have perfect pitch; it drives me fucking nuts to hear her alleged "music". Every goddamned note is either sharp or flat by a quarter- or semi-tone--not much, just enough to drive me absolutely bugshit.

Money for Nothing (Dire Straits) featured a music video which supposedly had been animated on an Atari 520 ST computer. I don't know how true that was. Still, it was a pretty good song, and the video was fun to watch. Of course, these days we have video game consoles which could generate a better video in real time, but it was, after all, 22 years ago.

* * *

The thing that strikes me about the list of hits for 1985 is how much of the music is utter crap. I see the genesis of modern pop music in the music of 1985; and thinking back on it now, that's pretty much when I stopped listening to the pop and rock stations because they were starting to play so much garbage.

Looking at the list of hits for 1984 I see many more songs that I like. I know most of the songs from 1981.

Well, anyway...maybe in a future post I'll talk about some of the other songs, the ones which didn't make this list.

And maybe not. Anyway I'm not going to tag anyone else with this. Sorry.

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