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#4219: Results

Just as I was finishing with cutting the grass and putting the equipment away, the line of storms hit the Fungal Vale. I had perhaps five minutes or so between the time I got back into the house and the first raindrops arriving.

I'm glad I got it done, because--as I said--there's rain in the forecast for the next five days, and it was already heading towards "goat herd" territory. I don't want to think of what it would have been like after a week's worth of rainy days.

* * *

The wireless subwoofer link is fantastic. I didn't change the setting on the subwoofer, but with the thing in the corner, the bass just projects better than before. I'm very happy with this.

* * *

The Jeep is manageable again. I can feel the steering trying to resonate at around 50 MPH, but the new damper is up to the task of preventing the constructive interference that makes it the "death shimmy". As I said, it's a band-aid, but it'll do for now.

* * *

So, Game of Thrones--

Tywin Lannister still hasn't smiled, not really, but he's had expressions on his face which threatened to be smiles. Most recently I've seen him give this kind of pained smirk which was probably about as close to a smile that man can manage without making everyone in line-of-sight shit his pants.

The books quite explicitly say that Tywin Lannister never smiles, not once, not even a little bit. Charles Dance plays it perfectly, and I've got to admit that the casting for this series is dead-on perfect.

So far, every episode this season has included one kind of bombshell or another, too. There's no filler at all--everything is WHAM WHAM WHAM and it's unrelenting.

* * *

So I just learned that originally they wanted Sean Connery to play Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

That would have been awesome. Damn it all.

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