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#4220: Beastly hot day

I don't know if they actually don't run the AC in that place, or if they just have it set to something like 78°. All I know is, the shirt I wear over my undershirt is 65% polyester, and it traps heat like six inches of foam insulation. *sigh*

Today I actually had a lunch break scheduled, so I was able to go to Wendy's and get some food rather than buy a sack of chips or something and scarf a few down at a time here and there. What a concept.

* * *

So it looks as if the phrase of the day is "American society's dubious flirtation with totalitarianism".

If you have anything to say about that gay guy getting picked to play pro football, it had better be unconditionally approving, or the Thought Police will get you. "The fact that a self-professed journalist would openly endorse political speech-policing," Vox Day concludes, "goes to show the dreadful state of journalism in America."

Dreadful, indeed. Then again, there was never a dictator the mainstream media didn't love.


Man arrested because he wanted to know why his teenage daughter was assigned pornographic work to read. It's about Nineteen Minutes, a book in which a bullied kid goes and shoots up a school; but prior to that scene there's a whole bunch of sex and violence in the thing, and it is emphatically not appropriate reading material for teenagers.

...but that guy is just a parent, you know, and doesn't have all the degrees in modern pedagogy that qualify him to make such decisions about what his kids should and should not be taught.

*">British government wants to re-socialize the rail system.</a> Because it worked so well back in the days when it was socialized, you know? And in the US, socialized transportation systems also work so very well.


But if they are honest, the leftists eventually admit that socialism can't work.

Unfortunately, before a socialist system collapses, it kills millions of people and impoverishes the rest of them.

* * *

Ann Barnhardt discusses the facts of how our economy is doing.

Fact is, we are currently in a contracting economy. The massive borrowing is making it appear as if we're not, but we've long since passed the point where a borrowed dollar created any wealth at all; now borrowing a dollar destroys wealth, and it's getting worse every day.

It will continue until it can't, and when that day comes, it will be a very bad day.

* * *

I don't remember who said it. "'The love that dare not speak' has become 'the love that won't shut up.'"
You don’t get to have it both ways. You can tell me that your sexuality is nobody’s business — what you do in your bedroom is between you and whoever you do it with — and I’ll agree. I’ve never taken it upon myself to approach a group of strangers and survey them about their carnal propensities.
Your sexuality is none of my business, right? Yes. Fine. Sounds good to me.

But this “none of my business” shtick is a two way street, friend. What exactly does it mean for a thing to be “none of my business” when you’re holding a press conference and proclaiming it to the entire world?

“Hey, this is personal, man. That’s why I’m throwing a parade, alerting the media, issuing a press release, having t-shirts printed, and booking an interview on 20/20.”

Also true:
The double standard is so obvious, so inevitable, and so common that I’m bored with pointing it out. Tell [Tim] Tebow to stop praising his Lord and Savior, and the country will laugh and cheer along, but tell Sam to stop trying to turn his sex life into international headlines, and you’ll be bound, gagged, and tossed into a river.
Because any time you so much as say "boo" to a homosexual, it means you're a homophobe. Yeah.

So this hypocrite is apparently already in a Visa ad, where he claims that he only wants to be judged by how he plays. That being the case, why the everlasting fuck is he yodeling his sexuality from the mountaintops? If it has nothing to do with his performance on the field? (That's a thesis I'm prepared to accept, by the way; I don't see how being gay would change your ability to catch a football or make a tackle.)

Still--I don't care about football, and I don't care about this guy, nor do I care what he does with his genitals between games. But I agree with Matt Walsh--a "hero" this guy ain't.

* * *

There's supposed to be an epic shitstorm tonight, but so far it's confined to the far western reaches of the state. Here's hoping I have enough time to get some things done before it rains.

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