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#4224: Taking a closer look at the Rebel.

After work today I had a gander at Mrs. Fungus' motorcycle. I'd been meaning to take off the side covers and see what was what, and today was Der Tag.

The left side cover hides the air filter box. Inside is a filter made out of metal and paper; it's a cartridge and it does not look as if you can replace just the paper. That's screaming for a K&N replacement, right there...but not now as the filter is basically new. Maybe in 10,000 miles or so. We'll see.

The other side has the battery and fuses. But while the cover was off I noticed a slot which looked approximately key-sized, and sure enough the key could turn it. This loosened a cover; inside the space thus revealed was a Philips-head screwdriver packed in a folding plastic sleeve.

Ah. You use the key to open this storage box, and then you use the screwdriver to remove the side covers. Pretty neat.

The primary aim of my investigations was to see if there was any adjustment in the position of the shift lever, so that my wife can more effectively actuate it. I guess we'll have to see how that goes.

* * *

So today I completed some computer-based training at work that got me a free year of Webroot Internet Security. We'll see how it works.

* * *

All the Hollywood libtards love Venezuela. It's a communist shithole (but I repeat myself) but they love it anyway.

Of course the result of communism is always government-sponsored brutality and murder and civil rights violations, because communism won't work without a totalitarian government cramming it down the peoples' throats. (Usually with a lye chaser.)

* * *

Borepatch links a chart showing that the unemployment rate is about 22.5%.

The site Shadowstats tracks government statistics the way they used to be tracked, rather than the way they do it now that makes all the bad stats lower and the good stats higher.
One of my early clients was a large manufacturer of commercial airplanes, who had developed an econometric model for predicting revenue passenger miles. The level of revenue passenger miles was their primary sales forecasting tool, and the model was heavily dependent on the GNP (now GDP) as reported by the Department of Commerce. Suddenly, their model stopped working, and they asked me if I could fix it. I realized the GNP numbers were faulty, corrected them for my client (official reporting was similarly revised a couple of years later) and the model worked again, at least for a while, until GNP methodological changes eventually made the underlying data worthless.
That's the problem with models; they're only as good as the data being fed into them, and if you feed them shit, all you get out is shit.

* * *

Okay, just stay the hell out of Chicago. When you have carjackings taking place in that neighborhood at 8 AM, crime has become too rampant and the city is too unsafe. Shit.

* * *

Liberal public defender is incapable of connecting effect with cause.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched the first two eps of Penny Dreadful this week, and I have to say it's worth watching. It's like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG), except with more swearing and people who always seem to have sex standing up. Seriously, there have been some three or four sex scenes (in two hours) and they were all standing up. Crimony.

Timothy Dalton plays Sir Malcolm, an explorer. (Clearly the "Allen Quartermain" role.) We also have Dr. Victor Frankenstein (taking Dr. Jekyll's place) and Vanessa Ives fulfilling Mina Harker's role, at least to some extent as there's a "Mina Harker" in the credits (and is, I suspect, Sir Malcom's daughter, of whom he speaks frequently). The series also includes Dorian Gray (explicitly).

Now, I liked LXG, so it came as a largish surprise that the movie was considered a bad one. But remaking the thing under a different rubric does not displease me, for a variety of reasons...the major one being that it's just so much fun to watch a story where old public domain characters are reimagined as total badasses.

I do enjoy a good adventure story.

* * *

LXG was apparently Sean Connery's last film. He apparently was bitter over having turned down the role of fucking GANDALF in LoTR, and that has to be one of the biggest tragedies in filmmaking history. I just imagine him saying one of the lines Ian McKellen minced through and want to weep bitter tears.

"Come, Shadowfax; teach us the meaning of haste."

"I am Gandalf the White."

"Your mother's panties, Trebec!"

It would have been so awesome.

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