atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4231: It's in and solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Went to the welding shop to pick up the frame. The guy charged me $10, I paid him in cash, and came home to start reassembly.

I got two things wrong. The first was when I was reassembling the seat base and got the suspension in backwards, which didn't take too much time to fix and it was not-obvious how it went back in. Once that was corrected I trudged onward, until I had the seat back on and the plastic trim in place.

The second wrong thing was that I forgot to hook the seat belt wire up when I put the seat in the truck, and didn't realize it until I had two of the three (out of four, of course, but the rear outboard one is still broken) bolts torqued down. Had to pull the seat back out, hook up the wire, and then bolt it back in.

Got in, adjusted the seat, rocked around in it...solid. I'm going to replace the rear outboard bolt, of course, but the seat is more solid now than it was before I removed it, so it's not an emergency.

Overall this was actually a pretty simple job, even though it involved removing the upholstery from the seat base. It's designed to go together fast and easy at the factory, and I wasn't doing anything the guys on the assembly line don't do. It didn't involve any special tools, either--same reason--and though I had to cut a couple of hog rings they were not structural; they were there only to hold two parts together so they didn't get lost traveling down the assembly line, and had no further utility beyond that simple task.

A job well done, and it cost me $10. Can't complain.

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