atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4232: Today is Wednesday.

Yep. Wednesday.

Took the Jeep to run errands, and the seat is nice and stable. We're on to a new situation, but I think it's a minor thing.

Coming home from errands, AC on, the serpentine belt seemed to be slipping. First the air coming from the vents got warm; then I could smell burning rubber. The voltmeter was reading low, and after a few minutes the temp gauge was reading a bit high. Well, after all, that belt went in about seven years ago, and I don't think I've adjusted the tension much since then. Once the truck cools down again I'll have a go at tightening the thing. It should not need much. Worst case, tomorrow evening after work I go to Advance Auto and get a new one. WTF.

* * *

Hot weather again. Whee!

A week or two ago we bought a ceiling fan for the master bedroom. It was $20 at Menards, which is not a bad price, and if I ever get around to installing the dang thing I think it'll be very nice. The one in my old room certainly helped.

* * *

I've seen a couple of comment pieces about there being an "alcohol-fueled party" at the 9/11 memorial, and I don't understand what's got peoples' thongs in a twist. Ace encapsulates my thinking on the subject, which is that I really don't care. It's not a graveyard or a church or otherwise consecrated ground. Yeah, 3,000 people died there, but (as Ace points out) if we confined ourselves to living on ground where no one died there'd be an awful lot of crowding.

* * *

I'm going to have to figure out how to grill ribs. Jewel had a sale--buy one get two free--so we bought three racks (for the price of one) and the hot weather means "grill" rather than "oven".

I already encapsulate the ribs in foil, so that's not a problem. I just need to get a good rub (I'm out of Bayou Bang, damn it) and figure out how to control the grill's temperature such that I can slow-cook those mothers. It may be sacreligious of me to say it, but I think I make better BBQ ribs than my Dad ever did.

Regular price on ribs is $8 per pound, But There's No Inflation. At the BOGT price, it's more like $2.67 a pound, which is a hell of a lot more reasonable. I wouldn't pay $8 a pound for porterhouse, for crying out loud, particularly not when bone is about half the weight of the f-ing cut. WTFF.

* * *

Friday is payday, and I need to go get city stickers for our cars. It's nice that we don't need them for the motorcycles, at least.

* * *

Last night we had a honey of a thunderstorm. It was not very violent down here on the ground, but the sky was livid with lightning--almost continuous--and it was obvious a long way off that it was going to be quite a show.

* * *

Hard to believe we've already hit Memorial Day weekend. This year is flying past.

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