atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4233: Riding to work

It was a good day for riding, so I did, and liked it.

Work was sysiphean again: get one client done, another shows up just as I'm finishing. For five freakin' hours. I didn't get a break until it was time for me to leave, for fuck's sake. It's really hard to maintain a cheerful disposition when you've been working for five hours without a break and there's no f-ing end in sight.

It's gotten to the point that I no longer care about wait times: "Oh, you had to wait? TOO FUCKIN' BAD! I'M ONE MAN DOING THE WORK OF TWO, SO YOU CAN SUCK IT." Not that I say it, but I think it awful hard sometimes.

Jeeze louise. It wouldn't be so bad if we actually got our federally mandated breaks every few hours, but of course we don't, and in this economy one might as well wish for the moon.

So the big deal at work today was for employees to take their employee surveys. I've done that kind of thing before, when I was working for Target, but the notable difference with Target's survey was that it was anonymous. Not so with this one! You take it on the computer and you have to log in, so guess what? It's probably keyed to your employee number!

This tends to put a bit of a damper on one's ability to give completely honest answers. Just as an example: "Look, So-and-so is unhappy with his compensation. Well, perhaps his next employer will pay him more." (I'm happy enough with my compensation, but I'm really tired and this is the best example I can think of.)

I define a non-anonymous employee survey as "approximately useless" (unless you are trying to get bullshit numbers rather than accurate data) but I'm not in charge of things around there.


* * *

The nicest thing about the cool weather we're having today? We don't need to run any fans to keep the bunker pleasantly cool. It's nice and quiet. Just what I need after a noisy day at work....

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