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#4234: Are you saying "ni" to that old woman?

Mrs. Fungus and I just finished watching an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Hour in which James Caan--a budding writer--insinuates his way into a New York City street gang run by Walter "Chekhov" Koening. Mrs. Fungus doesn't really know the Star Trek cast all that well, but she does know Alfred Bester, the evil Psi Cop from Babylon 5.

The episode closed with Alfred Hitchcock speaking gravely about "the problem of juvenile delinquency" as if the squeaky clean hoods portrayed were actually serious criminals. (Compare and contrast them with modern narco-gangs. Show your work.) I think if we were to return to the "juvenile delinquents" of the 1950s we'd see a precipitous drop in the murder rate.

Anyway, it was entertaining to see Walter Koenig in a non-SF role.

* * *

The judge gets it right when he says:
In my view, the parties do not need a judge; what they need is a rather stern kindergarten teacher. I say this with the greatest of respect, as both the Plaintiffs and the Defendants are educated professionals who are successful in their work lives and are otherwise productive members of the community. Despite their many advantages in life, however, they are acting like children. And now that the matter has taken up an entire day in what is already a crowded motions court, they are doing so at the taxpayer’s expense.
I have a lot of respect for this judge's restraint. If it had been me, the orders would have included, "I have instructed the bailiff of this court to spank both plaintiffs and defendants twenty times each, and to further send them to bed without supper."


* * *

The other day we went shopping, and Jewel had custard-filled eclairs on sale (buy one box, get another) and they were the Platonic ideal of eclairs. They were delicious. We somehow managed to avoid eating them all at one sitting, though. Self-discipline!

* * *

I am going to go play some kind of game now.

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