atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4239: A bit of a technical snag.

See, Floristica was a shelf display model. Got an extra 10% off for that, and as a bonus I know the hardware has been burned in and isn't going to spontaneously crap out on me. Most electronics, if they're going to cough up dicks and die, will do so in the first 40 hours of operation. Once you're clear of that, most of the time they'll quietly continue to work without any fuss.

For Christmas, in 1985, I got a Toshiba CD player. Right out of the box the thing didn't work. I exchanged it for another one, and that one works to this day. (I did have to replace the transport drive belt, which succumbed to oxidization and broke, because it was simple latex rubber. I replaced it with a rubber band costing perhaps $0.005. Yeah.)

But the technical glitch has nothing to do with that. No, this one is because the thing has an administrator password on it. The admin password is a leftover from the thing being a shelf display. As is typical for this sort of event, no one in the store knows what the actual admin password is, and the only way they could reset it is to do a complete system restore.

IMNSHO that should have been done before the machine left the store last night. Failing that, the salesmen should have told me that the computer ought to have a complete restore done on it, especially in light of the fact that I told him I've been in the PC industry for a number of years and know what I'm about.

None of that happened, though, and so I've got a machine with an administrator password, and the admin account can't use certain programs on the computer.

So I called them to get the admin password, and they told me, "You'll have to bring it in, sorry," and so I packed it up and drove about forty minutes (each way) only to be told that the only way they can fix the issue is to do a complete system restore on it, which I can just as easily do myself.

Well--next time I go to work, I'm going to borrow one of the DVDs with the software toolkit on it and reset the damned password myself.

Worst case, I have to wipe the system and reinstall everything. It's a pain in the ass, but at least that way I'd know the setup was done correctly.

Bluesun has a post up today on finding your successes in unlikely ways. That'll have to do me.

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