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#4241: Riding the bike to work

Gorgeous weather today, so I took the bike.

I should have been able to leave at 4, but got stuck there for an extra hour and a half--good for the pocketbook, not so good for my sanity. Jeeze louise. Left, rode to the other side of the ass to go to WalMart for me pills, then tanked up at the (supposedly) cheap gas station and rode home.

89 octane, $4.40 a frickin' gallon. Four forty a frickin' gallon. Holy shit.

I was made unhappy on Tuesday by the fact that I'd spent $60 on filling up the tank in the Cherokee--for the first time in months--at $3.90 a gallon, because not six hours later I drove by several stations in Indiana that had gas for $3.75 a gallon. But now that gasoline has risen to $YEECH! territory I'm not so unhappy about it.

As I was attending to the task, disgusted at the assrape price of fuel, I thought, Why am I mad? High gas prices are proof that Obama loves us and wants us to be happy!

That's pretty much how the media is reporting all economic news these days, by the way. "U.S. economy shrinks, but it's not a big deal," claims CNN. Oh, so a first quarter economic loss of 1% of GDP "isn't a big deal", eh? I guess it's not a big deal to the beltway bastards whose incomes don't rely on a robust economy.

I do notice that no one is reporting the fact that we are officially in a recession again. The standard disclaimer applies (Standard disclaimer: we've been in a recession/depression the entire time since 2008, and only favorable adjustering and fiddlating of statistics has enabled anyone to claim otherwise.) but the GDP statistics as gerrymandered by the Bureau of Lies and Stastics now reflect two consecutive quarters of negative growth, ie a recession.

If it were a Republican in the White House? After the first quarter with a negative GDP print the economic news would have been full of interrogative headlines like, "Are we in a recession?" "Recession watch: is this doom for [GOP President]onomics?" "Are signs pointing to economic downturn?"

But of course Obama is a Democrat, and so the press gives him a pass. "Bah, it's not a big deal. Call us when there's something important to write about." Okay, then--how about Benghazi? "That's so two years ago, dude!" *sigh*

Karl Denninger remarks about the GDP print. He's issued several posts which predicted this based on other economic statistics.

I'm not liking what I'm seeing in my admittedly limited view of the retail environment, that's for sure.

* * *

Bluesun reports that SpaceX is still doing interesting and exciting things. What can't you do with a rocket engine which produces eight tons of thrust, is multiply restartable, and can be deep throttled?

SpaceX is doing space the way NASA used to: get something that flies and does one job, then improve it until it evolves into something with much greater capabilities. Given enough time, that will get us not just the Moon and the solar system, but the stars.

* * *

As usual, Matt Walsh manages to nicely encapsulate my feelings on a subject. This one is on marriage: when you get married, you get married for life and "changing your mind" is not an option.

My wedding vows are the most sacred promise I have ever made, and there's only one way out of them. Period.

* * *

Little annoyances: every time I reboot Floristica, I have to reset certain things, like turning off "spell check" in my browser. I have no idea why.

Well, worst case I have to do a system restore; but since I've finally gotten most of the software up and running I'd really rather not do that.

Still on the "to do" list, in no particular order:
* Set up the e-mail client. I haven't read my e-mail since Tuesday; I haven't been able to do it with the stupid admin password on the system.
* Install OpenOffice.
* Install NoScript.
* Install IrfanView.
* Install K-Lite Codec Pack.
* Upgrade to 8.1.
* Reinstall everything after 8.1 coughs up a bucket of dicks. (Nooo, I'm not cynical.) (Actually 8.1 works, so I'm not worried.)(too much)
* Migrate e-mail from the old machine (if possible).
* Figure out a way to get the data drives from Cephiro into this system.
One of the annoying things about the advance of technology comes from the fact that computers have ever-fewer numbers of drive bays in them. I could have crammed Jurai (the old P3) full of drives; I had more 3.5" bays than power or data connectors. I was able to put a total of about four drives into Cephiro (I only ever had three) but there were enough power and SATA connectors to install six or so. This system--I don't know how many SATA connectors I have yet, but I have exactly two 3.5" drive bays, and one is occupied.

I suppose I could, at some point in the future, pick up a 2 TB drive and dump the contents of Cephiro's two 1 TB drives to it. They're not that expensive, particularly not when compared to the price of two 1 TB drives. Or I could buy an external enclosure and put one of them into it. I don't know yet, but it's an issue I'll need to think about if I want to have access to everything. (I could throw a gigabit Ethernet card into Cephiro and set it up as a NAS box, I suppose, which would also work. Another option: unlike my last two computers, the system board of this computer is a standard form factor, so I could buy a monster case and transfer everything into it.)

Getting a new computer is always a pretty big deal for me, because it happens (on average) about every six or seven years. This has been about what I've come to expect from the whole process.

The one disappointment from all this is learning that the system has dual-channel RAM in it--which I expected--and ASUS saw fit to put one 8 GB DIMM in the thing. It's DDR3 so it's pretty f-ing fast, but to get maximum performance out of it I'll need another 8 GB DIMM.

...and that can wait a while. This thing's already so fast it makes you want to punch yourself in the face.

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