atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4251: When did that ever happen before?

A few weeks ago, as Mrs. Fungus and I were going somewhere, just leaving our neighborhood, I saw a group of people standing at the curb with a huge pile of furniture and assorted things, and there was a trailer parked there into which they were trying to load everything.

That, I thought, looks like someone's being evicted, and my heart went out to them. I don't remember if I said a prayer for them or not (I should have).

My suspicions were confirmed when--about a week later--I saw a sign in front of that house: "FOR SALE $68,000".

...and I never saw an eviction happening before Barack Hussein took office. Never, not in any of my travels. Certainly not in the Fungal Vale, which is a relatively wealthy bedroom community. But since 2008 I've seen at least two in progress, and this one happened in my own damned neighborhood.

Hell--there have been two foreclosures in this neighborhood since my mother died. At least two--possibly three.

Vox Day has a post up about the decline in the US birth rate since 2007, and the article he links to wonders how this can be when the economy is expanding?

"Occam's Razor," he concludes, "indicates that the economy is not in a recovery, but an ongoing six-year depression,..."

It's not just that. Our government--and other governments around the world--are actively engaging in hijinks which hide this fact, and destroy wealth in the process. The credit demand gap is enormous. But nearly all the numbers are gamed to make it look as if the economy is recovering.

Down in the comments, someone pointed out that inflation in the supermarkets is a hell of a lot higher than the 5% that's reported by the government. As noted here in the Fungus bacon has doubled in price in the past 12-18 months. A pound of butter was $2.50; now it's $3.50 on sale. Pepsi--24 ounce bottles have been replaced with 16.9 ounce bottles, and the price has risen from $4 per 6-pack to $4.40. A good sale price for chicken breasts was $1.80 a pound; now the best price I've seen for a while has been $3 a pound and just this evening I saw "chicken breast tenders" selling for $8 per pound! 80% lean hamburger costs almost $4 a pound now, where it was around $2.50 three years ago.

Gasoline bounced off $4.40 a gallon for regular (87 octane unleaded, I mean) before settling to somewhere around $4 a gallon.

Meanwhile, the asstastic job market means wages are stagnant. Obamacare is strangling what little job growth was occurring. Congress is making noises about legalizing another fifty million illegal aliens, thus driving wages even farther down. And the Democrats are agitating for a 30% increase in the minimum wage, which will further destroy jobs.

Good God, it's a wonder everyone isn't facing foreclosure and eviction. WTF.

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