atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4254: This is very, VERY encouraging.

Eric Cantor's not the Republican nominee from Virginia's district 7. The House Majority Leader lost his primary. As Denninger points out he outspent his opponent five-to-one and lost.

Reason: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

What usually happens when a prominent Republican loses his primary: he then re-enters the race as "Independent", thus splitting the vote and ensuring the Democrat wins the general election. I don't expect Cantor to do any different, because the GOP leadership has demonstrated that it doesn't care what the rank-and-file of the party want. Considering his politics--and considering how things have been in the past decade--I'd be surprised if Cantor accepted the results of the primary and quietly served out the rest of his term.

It sure would be nice if he did, though.

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