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#4257: I'll have to see another one.

I watched an ep of Dirk Gently yesterday.

Douglas Adams wrote (as far as I know) two Dirk Gently novels. The first was Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and the last (I know of anyway) was The Long, Dark, Tea-time of the Soul. They were both very, very good books. The first novel was where I learned the aphorism: "The trouble with clever people is, they think everyone else is stupid." (It is so very, very true.)

I saw what I think was the first episode of the series, where Dirk has been hired as a security consultant to a cybernetics think tank run by his old professor at the university from which he was expelled. I knew almost immediately "whodunit", but with the DG stories it is always about the journey rather than the destination, anyway.

The TV show fell down in two important places. The first was DG himself--the actor cast to play the title role does not fit my image of Dirk Gently. (And where's the porkpie hat?) The second was the writing; it may be because it was an introductory episode and there was a lot of exposition to get through, but it felt like about 1.5 hours of show crammed into 50 minutes. The worst part was the plodding pacing of the show; nothing seemed to happen for a long time yet suddenly Dirk figured out whodunit. The lurking policemen didn't add any tension to the story, and in fact it wasn't obvious that Dirk's old professor had even been murdered until we got to the part where Dirk recited the sequence of events. (I thought he'd died of natural causes, or shock, or something; but it turned out he fell after being struck, and hit his head on the corner of an open drawer of a filing cabinet.)

When we finally saw Dirk's office, though, and his recalcitrant secretary, that made up for some of it. I expect that the next episode will be better, and in fact this one wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. The story wsa the right sort of story; the execution was what fell short. Hopefully it'll get better.

* * *

I had thought to get a ride on the bike this evening, but I doubt I will. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, today I sent in an application for a job with a different company, full time, one that--if I get it--will pay the bills handily. Wish me luck.

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