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#4261: Sleeping in is a luxury these days.

I spent some time reading through old Fungus posts from summer of 2011. Nearly every post talks about the odd hours I used to keep, back then. I don't keep hours like that since getting married and rejoining the workforce; I don't have time.

Except once in a long while.

Today I woke up on the early side, stayed up for a little while reading manga on-line, and then went right back to bed and slept some more. It's still less extreme than staying up until 7 AM and sleeping all day, but it's more sleep in one day than I've had for a little while.

The grass still needs cutting, and I really need to find a tire or two for the Jeep...but that can wait until tomorrow, I think. And the bike still needs its maintenance, but I can do that practically any time I like.

I'd better enjoy this kind of thing while I can, because sooner or later my hunt for a full-time job will yield fruit and I'll be working five days a week. I'm hoping to get a job with a regular, set schedule--preferably 9-5 M-F--but we'll see what comes. (Bonus points if it's not in retail.)

...but we're still in a depression and the Fungal Vale is in one of the most blue of blue states. (Mrs. Fungus joked that we ought to consider moving to New Jersey, and I replied that NJ is one of the few states which is worse than the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan.) Where they are drilling for oil/gas (like North Dakota) Walmart pays $17 an hour, though I shudder to think of what housing costs in such places--law of supply and demand--and have no idea how to go about starting a job search from several states away. But I have to believe that there'd be jobs for tech guys like me; and if not, there'd be something I could do that would pay the bills, and handily. (And attend the local junior college's welding program at nights....)

Once I do have a full-time job, though, my time off is going to be more limited than it is now; and since that's the lot of all men, I'd better get used to it.

Heck, I don't even mind, to be honest.

* * *

Here there be spoilers. Vox Day talks about Game of Thrones and the comments continue to do so. The really nice thing is, they limit themselves to what has been shown on TV, so there aren't any real spoilers as long as you've seen the TV show.

There are several warnings not to read further than book 3 of the series, because the books aren't as good as the show. I agree with this--I even foung the first three to be unbearably plodding in spots--yet I'm going to read book 4. Whee!

* * *

Anyway, though today has ended up being a day of rest, I still have to think about what to cook for dinner. Off I go!

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