atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4263: Now THAT is a sandwich.

Marconi's roll, beef, ham, cheese, mayo, onion. I don't know if it's a dagwood or a club, but it tastes as good as anything you'd get from a shop.

* * *

Last night was the first real summer night we've had this year. I'm still trying to zero in on keeping the bunker cool without running the AC constantly, but I think I'm getting there--the thermostat is set to 75° and it's comfortable. Ideally I'd like to get to the point that I can set it to 78° when we're both out, but that's going to take some doing and I want to be sure I can get it back down to 75°-ish in our bedroom even when it's blazing hot outside.

The weather site is on crack at the moment, reporting it to be 72 and clear with a humidity of 36. It's none of that; it's like a soggy electric blanket outside and I can't see any blue sky, either.

* * *

Feynman observed that people don't change their safe combinations from the factory setting because they think having a safe means their stuff In this case, some kids were able to hack an ATM because the bank never changed the passwords, and the manual listed the defaults.

Not just Feynman (Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!) but Clifford Stoll (The Cuckoo's Egg) made the same observation: people get a new computer (mainframe), install it, and never change the root password from the factory defaults, which make it pathetically easy for a hacker to get into the system.

You can bet that the Bank of Montreal will now institute some kind of policy for ATM passwords. Lucky for them the hackers that found the breach were more interested in the technical challenge than stealing money....

* * *

IRS covering up the big scandal where they targeted conservative groups. It's laughable for them to say that a hard drive crash just happened to bomb out all the e-mails that would demonstrate the extent of collusion between IRS and White House.

That the Democrats use IRS as a political weapon is not really in doubt; this kind of thing happened--albeit on a smaller scale (allegedly)--during the Clinton years. But of course the press is almost totally uninterested in such a story, because none of their boys were targeted.

* * *

What we have lost. Borepatch embeds a clip of Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen show in 1964. Frank Zappa is playing the bicycle--in what turns out to be an amazing mishmash of noise rather than actual music, which I found slightly disappointing; it would have been much more interesting if he'd played real harmonic music on the thing rather than using it to add noise to a larger cacophony.

But notice what Frank Zappa is wearing: a suit and tie, with neatly-cropped hair. He's presentable!

I'm just as guilty as everyone else is of lowering their standards of what is acceptable dress for polite company. It used to be that you'd never appear on TV (as yourself) in jeans and sneakers and a t-shirt, but these days it's pretty much "anything goes".

The shift to more casual clothing is not a bad thing, but there are certain areas wherein it is. I think a little decorum goes a long way, but we've abandoned even that little.

* * *

Well, we have errands to run, and they're not going to get done with me sitting here in front of the keyboard. Whee!

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