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#4264: Quite a gullywasher.

Yesterday Mrs. Fungus and I had gotten some of our errands done and were having dinner, and as we were finishing the old gut sounded the warp core breach alarm, which pretty much did for the rest of our errands.

Whatever it was that got me, it was enough to suck all the energy right out of me. We got home and I slept for a few hours, yet was more than ready to go to bed at our regular bedtime; and today I have been up and down all day but when "down" I've been sleeping.

It does mean that I've got quite a lot of errands left to do, and won't be able to attend to several of them until Monday since my weekend is booked. Argh etc.

Still, I think I can safely drive the truck without a spare for a day or two, and nothing that I have to attend to is an emergency.

As I started this post, though, we were in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, which is what finally cudgled my butt out of bed; and after it stopped raining I took a quick look around the bunker to make sure everything was still secure. It is, but for one branch from the tree in front; I dragged that down to the curb. The back yard is a swamp, of course, which means I won't be cutting the grass before next week. Argh etc.

The other thing:

With Cephiro, I had Windows Mail set up to automatically fetch my e-mails. I didn't need to remember my password for that account, so't, and when I stopped using Cephiro I stopped having access to my Comcast account. And it was so chaotic the day we got cable here at the bunker (Mrs. Fungus had moved in a scant few days earlier) I didn't make a note of the password in the usual place I keep such things, and I didn't call Comcast for a password reset because I just had too much else going on to be on hold waiting for tech support for three hours. But today I found where I'd written it down! --and immediately wrote it down in the appropriate place, so this isn't likely to happen again any time soon.

Turns out the "like it or lump it" visit from my oldest sister (this sister) was prompted by a surprise birthday party, planned for my uncle by his daughter on the 6th of July. Why she couldn't have just said so when I called her about her texts ("I'm coming to stay that weekend, send me a key."--more or less) is beyond my capacity. What part of "MY E-MAIL ACCESS IS DOWN" don't these people understand?

Still: I slowly inch closer to having everything set up correctly, though I'm not going to plug all the stuff into this machine's e-mail client until I've done the restore on this system.

I guess that's gonna have to do.

* * *

Over the past few days I reread Kiss X Sis on my Nook, because I don't want to access of the trojans!--until I have NoScript set up on this system. Other than a few browser bobbles it worked fine, and because the story has been trickling out of the scanlators it's too long between chapters and I forgot a lot of the background.

Keita's romance with Kiryuu-sensei was a very careful development by the artist, and whenever the progression of their relationship is interrupted by happenstance it never feels contrived. (Unlike that scene in Umi no Misaki where the male lead, age 18, loses his boner because it started going towards the wrong "port".) It has, however, kept them from "getting jiggy wit it" for quite a while, which makes sense as you don't want to relieve the romantic tension in a romance series. (Even if--or particularly when--it's also a harem series.)

I don't know how long this can go on, but I expect it'll go on as long as people keep reading the series in Japan. I would like to see Keita and Kiryuu-sensei get married, but before that can happen there have to be about four other girls who are woefully disappointed.

I must add for the sake of clarity that I think Kiryuu-sensei is his best choice--even if she is his homeroom teacher and six years older than he--and I do believe the artist wanted us to root for her. Miharu would be his second-best choice; the other three girls, including his step-sisters, would be sub-optimal at best. He should not end up with either of his step-sisters in any case.

Still: it's a good story and worth re-reading.

* * *

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus and I just got home from shopping and a dinner out that celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our first date.

By now it seems as if we've been together all our lives, and we both have trouble imagining how we managed to live without each other. "Can you believe that there was a time before we were together?" Mrs. Fungus asks me about every other week.

It does seem kind of improbable.

* * *

Tonight I finally got the filter for the washing machine changed.

We've been using, for some time now (years) a whole-house filter to keep rust out of the washing machine. The water in the Fungal Vale is well water. People around here say that the water is horrible, though I've never had a problem with it. (Of course I was raised on it.) But the rust is a perennial problem, and years ago I had the idea of putting a whole-house filter in the water supply line to the washer, and it works splendidly.

Until recently. Some of my white shirts have come out with rust stains--despite the filter--and once you get rust stains in a white shirt, well, that's about it. The filter itself had not been changed for quite a while, and so I set out to see if the filter we had was the right one and if I could in fact change it.

First: turn off the valve. The valve was crusty and refused to turn, and I was afraid to put too much force on it lest I break something--but it popped loose and I was able to close it. Then I had to unscrew the filter housing, but it wouldn't budge, so I left it until we got back from dinner and shopping.

With a pair of channel locks I unscrewed both hose fittings, then took it to the garage, clamped the top in the vise, and hit the dogs on the side with a hammer and drift. That knocked it loose, and after that it was easy-peasy to finish swapping the filter element. The old filter was nass-T, which is not surprising considering how long it's been in there. Put everything back together, turned on the water--no leaks--started a cycle in the washing machine, and everything is good. (There is a wrench for the filter housing around here somewhere. Good luck finding it.)

So I'm going to have to find more filter cartridges, but I think we have at least a year before I really need a replacement--and from now on I'm going to try to change the damned things at least annually. Hopefully that'll obviate the need for more new shirts.

* * *

While Mrs. Fungus and I were eating sushi, more thunderstorms roared through. It also looks like it'll be a fairly rainy night tonight.

What a pity--we have to go to sleep on a rainy night. Oh how we suffer.

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