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#4272: The first quarter's GDP crash

Vox Day links Zerohedge and the link is pretty damned explicit: the Q1 GDP crash is bad news.

Quoth Vox: "...[I]n 2009, I noted that the average GDP revisions were larger than the delta that distinguished growth from recession. Now the revisions are nearly THREE TIMES larger." Understand this: the revisions are larger than the difference between a statistic that indicates growth and one that indicates contraction by three hundred percent.

In technical terms, a statistic of this quality is referred to "bullshit". That's when it is not referred to by using other, more colorful idioms.

That's kind of the point I was making the other day.

* * *

Another case of a cop executing a bound and prone person, solely because he was becoming inconvenient. And the prosecutor is declining to press charges.

"Yeah, I just Godwinned myself," Borepatch says after embedding an image of nazis executing jews. But as he points out there is no real difference to the dead.

* * *

* * *

I realized this morning that in the big argument that happened the other day, my sister insulted me and swore at me ("you've been an asshole for years!"). (I am pretty sure I didn't swear, though I might've let one slip as an intensifier.)

Yes, I've been an asshole for years--ever since I realized I don't have to do everything family members tell me to do, particularly not when they don't ask nicely.

* * *

...and on a lighter note, I just saw an air-cooled Beetle, minus hood and fenders, go speeding down the street. I think someone got his project drivable today!

I have always wanted an air-cooled Beetle. I had--for a few years--the VW 412 fastback, which was air-cooled and had the same engine as a Porsche 914, but it wasn't a Beetle. I took a Beetle for a test drive once, but I was too recently employed in my first job to secure financing to buy the thing, worse luck. It was a nice solid car, powder blue, and it wasn't a Super Beetle (MacPherson strut front suspension) either.

Oh well.

There are a lot of cars I've "always wanted" and it's likely I'll never get to own most of them. You either need to be super-rich, or to make buying and selling cars your job; such is life. None of the cars I really want is particularly expensive--I'm talking Beetles and Samurais and the like, not Lamborghinis and Ferraris--but if you want to have a stable of cars you must have a place to keep them, and you must maintain them and insure them and-and-and...and the bills add up very quickly.

Like? A Model T and a Model A. Another 1975 Impala. The Beetle, of course. A Suzuki Samurai. A 1987 Mustang GT. I want to build a rat rod and a sand rail. Things like those.

Even so, it's okay to dream, and I'm used to my reach exceeding my grasp.

* * *

In Have Space Suit--Will Travel Kip explains one of the basic equations of motion and how he uses it to figure out how long it would take him to get home (from Pluto) in a Wormface ship boosting at one gravity. He made the trip there at eight gravities, and it took five days; he is worried that the trip home would take eight times as long (40 days as opposed to five). When he does the math he learns otherwise, that it will only take about two weeks to make the 30 astronomical unit (AU) trip from Pluto to Earth at one gravity, with turnover occurring about halfway.

I use that as a convenient yardstick when I'm thinking about moving around in the solar system--fourteen days at 1G will take you 30 AU.

For some thoughts I've been entertaining lately, though, I was trying to gauge how long it would take to go about 90 AU, boosting at 1 G. I started with 60 AU and decided that wasn't far enough, but I knew that it wouldn't take four weeks to go 60 AU. I guesstimated about three weeks.

Just now I did the calculations for 90 AU, and that came out to a trip time of four weeks--28 days--and was not surprised at the answer. I expect my guesstimate for 60 AU is probably somewhere in the ballpark.

At least, a more accurate estimate than the first quarter GDP figures. Jeeze louise.

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