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#4274: Less of me to kick around

I have been losing weight.

I have not been weighing myself, but I've noticed that the spare tire around my middle has been deflating. I have identified three reasons for this.

1) Less carbs. In 2011 I made the switch from sugar water to aspartame water. This removed a lot of pure sugar from my diet, vastly reducing the average glycemic index of my caloric intake. But I had pretty much hit the limit of what that could do for me by the end of last year.

2) Less free time. Getting a job means I spend a lot less time sitting around, and if I do get the munchies I can't just stop what I'm doing and go eat. Because of the continuing "no break" situation at work I usually get to eat before work, and then maybe get a snack partway through my shift if I'm lucky, but otherwise I have to wait to eat anything until after work's over. Also, I stand a lot and walk a lot, so I burn calories that way.

3) Stress. Having a job means stress, and since I have been diagnosed as having irritable bowel syndrome I can identify the various gut spootiness that I've been experiencing as a flare-up. (Also, taking dicyclomine helps alleviate the symptoms, but I ran out of it.) It's because of stress; and because the food I eat remains in my digestive tract for less time, I absorb less from it.

I'm not fit by any stretch of the imagination but I am losing fat, and I count that as a good thing. I've also found that butter is better for you than margerine, and mayonnaise is better for you than Miracle Whip aka "salad dressing".

Two years ago I tried embarking on the "couch to 5k" plan, but it made my calves hurt so badly I had to discontinue it. I suppose I ought to get advice from a professional about how to run without overstressing my legs. *sigh*

* * *

Last night, at about 1:30 AM, the power went off with a BANG again. No thunderstorms, no weather, no nothin'; just out of nowhere, BANG.

It scared the heck out of Mrs. Fungus and I, but thanks to my insistence on having our computing hardware connected to UPSes I was able to shut down my computer nicely, and our Internet link stayed up until we were done with it. Because I'd heard the pole fuse go out (the aforementioned BANG) I knew it would probably be an hour or more before the power came back on, so we got ourselves ready for bed. I called ComEd to report the outage, and we went to bed.

Without the fans running it was pretty sticky in the house. The AC had been on and the place was dryer and cooler than outside, but it just didn't feel like that. We lay in the still darkness, unable to sleep, though I fell into a kind of twilight state where I wasn't really awake but wasn't quite asleep, either. Around 4 AM I woke up and realized that there's still no juice flowing so I called ComEd again. "There's no ETA on when a truck will get out there," the service rep said. I was not pleased but it's not his fault there weren't any trucks available, so I thanked him (a little gruffly) and rang off.

I did finally get to sleep, though I did not sleep very well; when I woke up around 6 or 7 the power was back on. It ended up being a 5 or 6 hour blackout. I would not be nearly as annoyed by all this if this hadn't happened a bare six days ago. The fuse that went last night was a different one from last week's, because only our block was effected by it. "There are sixteen other locations without power," the second guy told me.

It's still pretty annoying. The damned fuses don't seem to hold up very well--or else someone in the neighborhood is drawing an awful lot of current, much more than the system is designed for. Perhaps I ought to see who's running a cyclotron in his basement....

But I lived through it, and managed to have a pretty good day at work today, too. That's what counts.

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