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#4275: Kugelblitz!

A kugelblitz, as explained by Wikipedia:
...[A]ccording to general relativity, if enough radiation is aimed into a region, the concentration of energy can warp spacetime enough for the region to become a black hole (although this would be a black hole whose original mass-energy had been in the form of radiant energy rather than matter). In simpler terms, a kugelblitz is a black hole formed from energy as opposed to mass.
Much of the physics surrounding hyperspace travel in my SF universe depends on this fact, and it's a conclusion I came to about fifteen years ago.

Based on things I learned from Robert Forward's book Indistinguishable From Magic I postulated the existence of non-gravitational singularities, and in fact a charge singularity is what the hyperdrive in my SF world uses.

Today, work was so amazingly slow (there were three of us there until 5 PM) that I spent an inordinate amount of time surfing Wikipedia and reading entries on such diverse topics as light propulsion, solar sails, various forms of singularities and the different metrics describing them, reactionless drives...and in the middle of all that learned of the existence of the kugelblitz.

A black hole made of light. Yeah.

(I also found the geon, which is interesting because an electromagnetic wave strong enough to warp space could contribute to the formation of a kugelblitz.)

After the other two people left for the day, I proceeded to do N_O_T_H_I_N_G for the rest of the evening. I answered a couple of questions and helped a lady order a new battery for her laptop; otherwise I sat at the computer and clicked Wikipedia links. There was no work left to do that I could do, so I did that. *sigh*

That was probably the ultimate in slow days. Things will probably start picking up least, I hope they do.

Today's flyer boldly proclaimed that "for a limited time only!" people using their Best Buy credit cards can get 10% back in rewards points. The standard is 5%; around Easter they raised it to 6%--and now 10%? I don't know what's going on in the company but if I saw any other place raise their "rewards" to 200% of its former level I'd think, "They're really desperate to get people to buy stuff."

That's not terribly surprising, considering how crappy consumer sales have been in the first quarter. My employer is not the only retail company that's trying everything it can think of to drive traffic. I somehow doubt that the sales numbers are any better in the second quarter, either, and--again--not just here, but everywhere. (I am not revealing any confidential information; I'm discussing things any swinging dick could see.)

But the problem is, if people aren't buying, then there's no money coming in, and my job will become an expensive luxury for our economy. This way lies ruin. Argh etc. That's the part that worries me; my job is a pain in the ass but that's because it's a job and people have to work, and I have a strong preference for being employed.

Well, we do what we can, I suppose.

* * *

Borepatch has a post up about the fiddleating and adjustering that's taking place with all the climate databases in an attempt to "prove" that global warming is man-made and happening now.

* * *

I really am glad to be home from work. Having nothing to do is almost as stressful as having too much, and by the time I get home I'm done.

Well, tomorrow's another one. Whee!

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