atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4279: I sure would like to cut the damned grass.

I really would.

I was planning to cut the grass Monday evening after work--or at least on Tuesday!--but that didn't happen, for obvious reasons. I mean, when I left my uncle's house and drove home, half my route home was flooded; it rained so hard, the drains couldn't keep up.

When we went home to check the bunker this morning, I checked the back yard. It was still a swamp, though at least there was no longer any standing water. I really do have to get it cut; it's been on the order of two weeks and counting since I was able to cut the immediate back yard and it's going on ten days since the last cut of the front and east 40.

The immediate back yard is going to seed, for fuck's sake.

But what can I do? If I use the pusher it's going to sling water and crap out. If I use the tractor it'll leave ruts. (I've been here before and tried it all; listen to the voice of experience.) That's why--last time--I cut the rest of the grass without doing the immediate back. It needed doing, but it was a swamp, and blah-blah-blah etcetera.

Generally speaking, if I walk in the grass and then leave footprints on the patio, it's too damned wet to cut...and it's been like that for two weeks because of all the rain we've been getting.


On the plus side, by going to the redoubt, Mrs. Fungus and I managed to salvage our days off. The humidity was the worst part, and even this morning it was simply awful in the place and I was drenched with sweat by the time I finished with the fridge.

We both felt pretty crappy all morning, though. Once back here and fed, we ended up going back to bed and sleeping in. Let's face it: at that point we'd had broken sleep over the previous 36 hours, and to make matters worse there's all kinds of other BS going on (see also: the last 20 posts re: family nonsense) and so we've been stressed out. We are taking some vacation time next week, but it's hard to face even one day of work when you haven't managed to get any decent sleep for several days.

I'm hoping that I'll have time over the holiday weekend to get the motorcycle chain re-tensioned. We'll see.

And I really hope it'll be dry enough that I can get the f-ing grass cut!

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