atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4280: Last post from the redoubt

The parking lot here is full of utility trucks, bucket trucks, and welder trucks. On our way back from the pool Mrs. Fungus and I encountered a couple of linemen who were preparing to retire for the evening.

Hopefully the grass will be cuttable tomorrow. We'll have to see; first I have to get home from here, and in enough time to get the grass cut. Apparently the main drag here requires new stoplights, as the way the lines went down didn't just knock them out but fried them beyond repair. Whee! Point is, the main drag will be closed until 10 AM tomorrow, which means we're going to have to take a different route home than we'd normally take.

Then, if we even have any power....

I wouldn't want to stay a third night at any hotel, because this shit gets expensive fast. On the plus side it's reportedly under 60° in the Fungal Vale, so if it stays that cool natural convection should be sufficient to keep the bunker cool--but in any event our vacations begin and we can handle not getting enough sleep. It shouldn't be that long before the damned power is on....

And now for bed.

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