atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4281: THAT is a relief.

Well, we got power back sometime in the night. When we got back to the bunker this morning--sorry, yesterday morning, as this is being written at 12:30 AM on Friday--we were pleased to hear that no generators were running and the lights were on. Whee!

Figure not less than 48 hours without power, then. That's a close second to 10/97 in Cedar Rapids. On the plus side, the Ace in the Hole did a yeoman's job of keeping the basement un-flooded, and the ice I put in the downstairs freezer hardly melted at all, meaning the food I put in there is still good.

But it rained last night, and the back yard is still a swamp, so I didn't cut the grass today as intended. Maybe I can cut it tomorrow, and maybe I won't bother.

Work today--I got up a few minutes early and left early. The line at McDonald's was long and largely immobile, so I thought I'd cut out of there and hit the Wendy's near work instead.


...when I got to the road that the store's on I saw that the traffic was rapidly approaching singularity status, so I sighed unhappily and gave up on the idea of eating before starting work. Maybe Mrs. Fungus can bring me something, I thought.

She did, but I ended up having my breakfast--breakfast!--at 7:30 PM, at which point I had a raging headache and could barely concentrate on anything because of hypoglycemia.

When I was finally able to leave work (fifteen minutes after the scheduled time) I came home to a house bereft of groceries, because so much that was in the fridge ended up in the trash can. So Mrs. Fungus and I set out to restock, and that took a good amount of time to accomplish, which is why I'm only now writing Thursday's blog post early on Friday morning.

* * *

Incidentally, lifelong friend of the Fungus, Dennis, gets a shout-out for giving me a call while we were in the hotel and feeling depressed. That cheered me right up. Thanks, brother!

* * *

Monday evening, by the way, I purchased a Blu-Ray player. Ever since the last week of May and my disastrous attempts at upgrading the old computer I have had the birthday money from my mother-in-law burning a hole in my pocket, and after I checked the employee price for the one I bought--and asked my wife's opinion--I decided I'd go ahead and pick it up.

Did I have a chance to plug it in before the storms hit? Of course not, and no need to do so when there wasn't any power. I got home about 6:30 PM on Monday, and the power was out a scant hour later--and off for two days. Maybe tonight.


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