atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4282: Storm damage

I've decided that if the immediate back yard is not a swamp I will cut it today. The rest of the grass I'll leave for tomorrow. It didn't rain last night, which makes yesterday the first day in quite a while that it did not, and I should be able to pull the tractor out and run it around the yard without leaving ruts.

And then Mrs. Fungus and I will proceed to celebrate our nation's independence. I have a lot of cooking to do, though, which means I'd better get my butt in motion.

* * *

The other night I set down two pages or so of a new SF story, set in the same universe that had the hydrocarbon lifeforms on Titan that I was thinking about a week or so ago. This particular story begins with an abortive trip to Alpha Centauri, one that's cut short by a mutiny (the International Council for Space Exploration says, "Since you kids can't behave we're turning this ship right around and going home!") but that's going to take some writing to get to, and it's not even the climax of the story.

* * *

I'm not in the mood for further pontification at this time, and I've got work to do. Whee!

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