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#427: Assorted Junk

For the most part, the cicadas have pretty well finished emerging from the ground. We still have to periodically sweep the porch clean, but now it's of adult bugs (both alive and dead).

Tomorrow is going to be hot (91° F) so I expect I'll take some more video of the bugs, particularly the noise they will be making. Maybe tie a rope to the pear tree and give it a good shake, from a distance, with the camcorder on a tripod; that should be good for a laugh.

* * *

In the anime department, I came to the end of Aa! Megamisama! TV yesterday. (The first season.) I almost want to dig out the comics and re-read the entire "Lord of Terror" story, to see how close they came to the comics.

Anyway I now have the second season to watch, so I'm nowhere near being out of O!MG! yet.


Yume Tsukai continues to be rather dull. I'm at episode 11 out of 12, and I'm convinced that the series would have worked a lot better as horror than as...whatever it is. I saw the series' climactic crisis about five miles away, and even now I'm 'way ahead of the actual characters. Gee, big sister has been moping. Gee, there's a nightmare that has to be dealt with that doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Gee, I wonder what that means? It's an idiot trap; the characters can't figure it out too soon or there's not enough story to fill the rest of the episodes.

Once it's done I don't expect I'll be sorry.


In Right Stuf's catalog, in the manga section, there is an image which is labeled Ultra Maniac, but there is no corresponding entry for Ultra Maniac anywhere in the catalog. But of the image, I thought, "Gee, that looks like Wataru Yoshizumi's work." (Wataru Yoshizumi did Marmalade Boy, one of my favorites.)

At a bookstore the other day I found a few volumes of Ultra Maniac, and was pleased to see that I had been right about the artist who had drawn that image.

I also briefly perused a volume of Hana Yori Dango, but I couldn't remember which volumes I already had, so I didn't buy any. Volume 9 has the conclusion of the beauty contest, which was not in the anime but was in the live-action series.


You're Under Arrest! Season 2 is winding down. There are two episodes and a "special" left. My evaluation of it: if you are already a fan of the series, you will get some enjoyment from it. If not, this won't compel you to seek more of it. It's good but not great, and some of it concentrates on the wrong things. The end of the series feels rather distracted.


Several years ago I had occasion to see some episodes of Mamotte Shugogetten and was not impressed by it, but lately I've been wishing I could see it again to re-evaluate it. Right now BitTrickle is pulling in the 22 TV episodes.

* * *

Sometime--either later this month, or after July 4th--I will be going to the Philippines for two weeks. I may or may not be able to update the blog from there, but hopefully I will. I'm also hoping to be able to post a few pictures here--we'll see.

* * *

In my entry about old computers, I didn't mention a few things.

The Heathkit computer didn't have a real display. It had a single line of numeric displays--7-segment LED as I recall--but that was it. Programming was accomplished by flipping switches, or there was a hexadecimal input pad one could use. No monitor, no text display, nothing like that. I think it used punched tape to store programs. Not exactly state-of-the-art for 1977--the Apple I was built about then, and there were computers with video monitors available to the hobbyist--which is why the Heathkit home computer never really went anywhere.

I also didn't mention that I have two C-64s, a Macintosh SE, my Atari 520ST, a Commodore Amiga 500, a TRS-80 Model I, and my NEC MultiSpeed all sitting on a shelf in my basement. And assorted external peripherals for them--three disk drives (including a 3.5" drive) for the C-64, a couple of printers, the mini-plotter for the C-64, the external drive for the Amiga, the single-sided drive for the Atari, etc, etc. Jesus.

I also have several hard drives from old machines. I went through my collection of junk and threw out a lot of useless stuff, but I retained a representative--and functional--sample of hardware.

* * *

I've accumulated a small collection of news articles I want to make wisecracks about, but I don't have time right now and I haven't had the inclination to bother with them. Maybe later.

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