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#4283: That was a good 4th.

So this afternoon I got the immediate back yard cut. I still have the rest of the grass to cut but that was the worst of it, and I'm hoping to get the rest of it done Saturday. (Today, that is.)

I made pasta salad, spinach dip, BBQ ribs, baked potatos, and corn-on-the-cob. The latter three were grilled, naturally, and the f-ing ribs were perfection. We ate almost the entire rack, leaving two ribs. Dang.

I am perhaps a little too smug about my newfound ability to cook things like this that taste so damned good that my wife insists I should enter contests. Heh.

...but while cooking, and after dinner, we lit fireworks. We quit that at 10:10 and then watched For Your Eyes Only on the new Blu-Ray machine.

I bought it because it was $5, and because I really wanted Mrs. Fungus to see it, because of who played the villain: Julian Glover, who plays Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones. Because he's some thirty years younger in the Bond movie, I had to point out to her just who she was looking at.

It's been more than a decade since I last saw this movie--probably more like two--and there was a lot of it I didn't remember. I think I definitely got my $5 worth.

* * *

Looking up Julian Glover on IMDB led me to the link for QED, which was a TV series that ran briefly in 1982. I loved that series and was bitterly disappointed when it was canceled. *sigh*

* * *

Besides that, though, I watched 2001. Mrs. Fungus bought it when she brought me breakfast at the store on Thursday, because it's part of a "triple feature" (costing $8) that includes The Shining. It's been a very long time since I watched that one, too. There were a very few things about it that bothered me.

First, the objects shown in orbit around the Earth had static shadows, except for the rotating space station. That was a detail that's hard to fault them over, because it would have made each SFX shot about five or ten times more expensive.

Second, the EVA scenes around Discovery always showed moving stars, but in order for the stars to move like that everything would have had to be rotating around the camera, which is not possible for something in free fall, like the dead Frank Poole. But if the stars had not been shown in motion--if the depiction of those scenes had been 100% true-to-life--the viewer would have found himself wondering, "Why are they just hanging there?" The moving starfields were artistic license and not excessively used.

Third, WTF was up with that damned light show at the end? Seriously? They spent way too much time on that.

For the heck of it I looked at some of the supplemental material, and they showed Roger Ebert more than they showed Sir Arther C. f-ing Clarke, who wrote the damned thing in the first place. WTF.

* * *

So far I've watched two movies on Blu-Ray and they look fantastic. Next up: Lord of the Rings trilogy--extended versions--at one sitting. I hope we can handle this...

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