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#4285: Achievement unlocked: grass cut!

Yeah, I finally got it done today. Yesterday I was just feeling too beaten down, emotionally, do to anything constructive. I didn't even cook; Mrs. Fungus and I had leftovers, mostly, but I wasn't in a frame of mind where I could really stand to eat anything.

On the plus side, I managed to get some restful sleep last night, finally. For a wonder it only took half a Xanax to accomplish, too, and I actually didn't wake up in a blind panic today. How the hell do you like that?

Continuing my search for full-time employment, I found a lead today that's right up my alley, and if I can snag that job it'll mean good things for my personal economy. Here's hoping--and it'll be even better if it's 9-5 M-F....

Anyway, that's a good thing, since I haven't got a CDL and don't particularly want one. Trucking seems to be the one growth industry in the area but there's a reason companies are so desperate to hire truck drivers.

...same as with school bus drivers, strangely enough. Seems like they can't hire enough of 'em, and the school bus companies are always recruiting. That is a big flashing "danger" sign, right there.

* * *

Cool night last night, hot day today; I was sweating profusely by the time the grass was done. Well, we had ridiculously nice weather for the 4th so who can complain?

I got bit by mosquitos twice while trying to get the grill started Friday evening, though. A single application of OFF! kept the bugs at bay for the rest of the evening, though.

* * *

Because garbage day was a holiday I had to wait until Friday evening to take out the trash. We'd filled one barrel with stuff from the fridge, as well as the usual complement of weekly trash, so I had to use the second barrel. That was fine, though, because I had another contractor bag of trash from the basement to get rid of. Little by little the basement is becoming less of a pigsty, and I'm really pleased with the progress I've made down there.

I threw away nearly all my micro RC cars, though I had to work for it. They've been down there for about nine years or so and I haven't done anything with them, and I paid around $10 apiece for them when I bought them; I didn't even remember which ones worked, so I tossed them all.

Getting rid of little things was most of the work I did in the past week or so, but it's freed up a least another ten square feet of floor space, and I took the hardest step of all: beginning to get rid of the model rocketry stuff. It's all stuff I haven't even looked at since moving it here in 2004, so why keep it? Half-built kits I'm never going to finish, scraps and pieces which would be useful to an active modeler, which I am not--hell, I haven't build a model rocket start-to-finish since 1995, which is almost twenty years. Pretty safe to say that ship has sailed, and let the stuff go.

Certain things I am keeping, like the airbrush kit and the launchers and stuff, but otherwise--

I'm even going to be fairly draconian about what models to keep. The best-executed ones, probably, and a handful of other favorites, but otherwise I'm just going to toss them. There's no reason to keep a huge fleet of model rockets that I haven't even looked at in years.

The "Mean Machine" is the one that'll hurt the most. I modified the original Estes design to make it less damage-prone and more easily transported. It's six feet long and the original design calls for the nose cone to come off and the parachute come out that end; I re-engineered the recovery system so that the rocket separates in the middle: it breaks down into two three-foot seconds making it much more portable and is still recovered with a single two-foot parachute. I also incorporated a longer and stronger shock cord to account for the higher separation velocity. I had many successful flights with the thing, and always recovered it in good order. Problem is, on its last flight, it fell into a pond. The water didn't damage it, and it floated, but I neglected to take the spent engine out after recovering it...and it's now permanently glued in place.

I have a rocket that I bought at Danville Dare in 1994? 1995? ...and assembled in my hotel room. It has a 29mm engine mount, and I think I flew it once or twice, but otherwise it's just collected dust. I think that one can go; but what about the "Optima"? That rocket was a thing of beauty when I finished it, gleaming white and black and all decals correct--it could have been used in the damned catalog--but after a flight on a too-windy day it got bunged up, and while I fixed the damage to the fuselage, I never repainted it. Should it stay or should it go? ("Go", of course, but it's hard.)

With the garage about as clean as it's going to get for the time being I need to clean elsewhere, and the basement is the logical place, but it's really not all that easy. Still, I'm making progress, and that's what counts.

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