atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4287: Eighteen pages.

I don't remember how many there were when I started. I think it was three left over from the other day; but today all I did was write.

It's the "mutiny on the way to Alpha Centauri" story--though that's really only the first part of a much larger story--and though I took time out to cook dinner I otherwise did nothing else but bang keys.

I'm going to have to read what I wrote after it cools off a little bit, to see how I did, because I don't normally binge-write like this unless something's really burning a hole in my cerebral cortex. Fifteen pages--in about nine hours--is not too shabby, though.

But I got the main character through the mutiny, and the next step is what happens when they get to Earth--tribunals, admiralty meetings, etc--and then other things. I'm looking forward to writing the rest of the story.

This particular story, so far, obeys all the laws of physics. In fact there won't be any dramatic license taken until much later; for most of the book interstellar travel is limited to lightspeed, and to travel between Earth and Alpha Centauri. Figure the second third of the book is going to be a travelogue as the tourist stand-in main character explores the Alpha Centauri system; the final third--well, I have my ideas.

It's been a while since I had this much fun writing a story, though.

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