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#4289: Could be worse, right?

Chicago was a war zone over the 4th weekend. 82 people shot, 14 fatally, 5 of them by police. A letter writer's answer is to mobilize the National Guard and enact a curfew. Yeah, that will take care of it.


* * *

There's no inflation! This Federalist story is WRONG!

...except, of course, that it is not wrong and there is inflation, and it's hitting us hardest in our energy and food budgets.

* * *


"You know it's a crisis when you start seriously talking about decaying dark matter!"

Short form: there isn't enough light in the observable universe to explain how intergalactic hydrogen is being ionized. They've accounted for about 20% of the figure that astronomers believe is necessary.

The ether of the 21st century--dark matter--now is not only 90% of the universe and completely unobservable, but now decays? And ionizes hydrogen in the process via a mechanism no one can imagine? "Instead of having only one thing we can't explain, we thought it would be fun to pile on two or three just to make it interesting!"

How does that help anything?

Instead of chasing epicycles, perhaps these people should put down the crack pipe and get back to basics. Ask themselves a few basic questions:
* Does the universe have to be closed?
* Do we need dark matter to explain the universe if it is?
* Do we need dark energy to explain expansion if it is?
* Are there other things which could explain observed phenomena which do not require that 90% of the universe is not observable?
Certainly it's more convenient for us if the universe is a closed topography, but why does it have to be convenient? If it's open, we don't need dark matter--and if we don't need dark matter then we don't need dark energy to explain away the inconvenient effects of dark matter.

It would seem simpler, on the whole, to assume that the universe is an open surface rather than a closed one, and proceed from there, even if it does make the sums harder. Since it extends in every direction out to the red shift limit, and we can observe no evidence that it's a closed topology, why can't we seriously examine the consequences of it being open?

Eventually someone's going to figure all this nonsense out, and both dark matter and dark energy will wind up on the same shelf as the luminiferous ether. But not, apparently, before physicists torture the concept out of all recognizable shape.

* * *

Not sure what to do about the Jeep's tires, yet. I'd hoped to get a used one or two on the thing for a couple of months, but I can't find any used P225/75R15 tires around here. Apparently no one has 15 inch used tires since all the modern trucks use 16+ inch tires.

Because the truck is 4WD, I can't use a different size, either. I have either to get the same size, or change them all at the same time. This way lies ruin.

* * *

Space: 1970 has reminded me of all sorts of shows I watched when I was a kid and had completely (or almost) forgotten about.

Like? Jason of Star Command. The UFO Files. The Man From Atlantis. Ark II. And so on.

Apparently a lot of these old things are available on DVD or Blu-Ray, too. It makes me wonder what else I may be missing out on seeing; perhaps some of my old favorites from the early 1980s (Probe, QED) may be available.

Well, not this month. I need to buy some damned tires. *sigh*

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