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That's about how I feel right now. I'm pretty sure that most of it is due to lack of food, since I had two of McDonalds' "sausage burritos" for breakfast ($2.14 with tax, total) and a handful of almonds around 2 PM.

I had a decent day at work today, too. The drive home was full of idiots, of course.

I slept very nicely last night, too. I only got five hours but they were good hours--better than normal--and so, by elimination, it must be lack of food.

Which this Whopper is handling nicely.

* * *

So, as Karl Denninger notes it looks as if that Malasian Jet plane was shot down. No one knows anything for sure yet but that's how it's looking, and if that's the case, then it has to have been with a Russian SAM because you can't hit an airplane at 30,000 feet with a shoulder-launched missile.

The shooting down of the airliner has neatly pushed the Israeli invasion of Gaza out of the public eye. Israel has demonstrated some real forebearance towards Palestine; I'm surprised it's taken them this long to stop mollycoddling the violent little bitches.

* * *

Denninger then talks about the problems with modern diesel cars and he is right about every one of his points. The automakers can make cars with diesel engines that will just go and go and go, but they don't.

* * *

Og talks about the inevitable automation of the fast food industry. As long as progressive politicians insist on raising the minimum wage, automation of unskilled jobs will result. If the "minimum" wage is allowed to float at a natural level, this won't happen.

* * *


Bluesun talks about my post on space travel. I suppose we're all having trouble with comment systems lately; I can't comment at Wonderduck's Pond nor at Dead Man Dance--my comments say they're awaiting moderation, but they never appear. LJ has similarly bit-bucketed Bluesun's comment here, apparently, though I managed to find it under "1 suspicious comment", apparently because it had a URL in it. *sigh*

...and yeah, the alt text does sum it up nicely.

Maybe the UAE will be the first nation to get people to Mars.

But imams have issued a fatwa declaring that any attempt to live on Mars is--get this!--" hazardous as to be suicidal and killing oneself is not permitted by Islam."

Someone had better alert all those shitheads who blew themselves up, because...oh. Yeah. Well, someone had better alert all those shitheads who are planning to blow themselves up, then! Who knew that islam prohibits suicide when there are so many buttheads blowing themselves up in the name of allah?

I wish the UAE luck. Maybe if they get to Mars before us they'll shame us into getting off our fat asses and doing something. Jeeze louise.

* * *

And now, I must cut grass. Whee!

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