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And Now I'm 39

Last night was inventory night at the store.

The team at the store does the inventory prep; and then a team from another company comes in and actually does the counting. It's an interesting way to do things. The outside workers have the tools and techniques to count the stuff quickly. I think the job would have taken a lot longer if store employees were doing it.

So we had a light crew in--around 18 people or so. And at that, it was the lightest night I ever spent working there, so light that I never got fired up like I normally do.

It's typical for me to drag a bit at first, but once I get going I wake up. Not so tonight, because I never needed to get I basically coasted through the night.

It doesn't help that I got about three hours of broken sleep yesterday afternoon, either.

SO on my 39th birthday I'm preparing to hit the hay for 8-10 hours and then go back to work. Any real celebration will have to wait until Sunday, I guess.

Magical Fairy Persia

I saw episode two. Still no collecting of "love energy" seen. The episode centered around Persia using her newfound magic to return to Africa (via the TV set) and get her lion friend, Simba.


...I never really gave a rat's ass about the whole "Disney stole the plot for The Lion King from Osamu Tezuka" imbroglio. It was widely-enough known that an obscure reference to the issue was made in an episode of The Simpsons. ("Avenge my death, Kimba. --I mean, 'Simba'.") But I don't think anyone mentioned Persia's lion friend being named "Simba" when the whole thing brewed up. Anyway, I didn't give a rat's ass about it, as I said. When you get right down to it, there are only a limited number of plots, anyway.

Persia brings Simba to Japan from Africa (again, via the TV set) and he proceeds to make a mess. Persia transforms him into a cat (hence the episode title, "The Lion That Became a Cat"--I thought lions were already cats) and he gains the ability to speak...although Persia (and the viewing audience) is the only one who can understand him. It's entertaining to see him try to pick up a young woman.... ("Hey, baby, how'd you like to...?")

The art style of MFP is different from most of the anime I've seen. There is something vaguely familiar about it, but I'm not sure what. Anyway, like Creamy Mami and a slew of others, this series was a production of Studio Pierrot.

Megumi's Diary

At work over the past couple of days--while on breaks--I've found myself drawing comic layout pages again. Were these a continuation of my first comic, American Dawn? No. Was I finally making some progress on the magical girl series, Magical Angel Selene? No, sadly. Well, at least I was finally doing something with the otherworldly girlfriend comic of mine, Crisis Angel, right? Not a chance.

No, this is yet another new comic called Megumi's Diary. It's a story about a girl--Megumi Sakaki--who is a high-school senior and who starts her senior year of high school a week late, in a new town, at a new school.

She moves to Tokyo from Sendai--itself a major city--when her father is suddenly promoted and transferred to the corporate headquarters of the company he works for. She ends up attending Itabashi High School, a private school with a moderately good reputation.

Unlike my previous manga efforts, there are no fantasy elements in this story at all. It's strictly slice-of-life. No elves, no mascots, no angels, heart wands, or magic of any sort--just regular people living regular lives. Flee in terror.

...but 100% "regular" wouldn't be all that interesting, of course. Megumi plays two instruments very well (guitar and piano), has a black belt in karate, and is an artist, as well. Developing these talents has led her to live a somewhat sheltered life, such that she has never had a boyfriend. She carries herself like someone five years older than she is, too, which leads the first girl she meets at Itabashi to sarcastically label her "o-hime-sama" ("princess"). And this is where the story really begins.

"The first girl she meets" eventually becomes her best friend, but it won't happen immediately. And Megumi is going to find herself falling in love with the least popular guy in the class, the guy who has been ostracized by just about everyone, for reasons that are not well-explained for quite some time--and that will provide an exellent source for dramatic tension. (I don't know why, yet. Maybe he committed some kind of crime or something. Or maybe he got the whole class punished once and the ostracism just became habitual. We'll see.)

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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