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#4298: TL;DR: Ed worked and slept a lot in the past two days.

Closed yesterday, and got out of the store at 9:15. Today I had to be at the store at 7:30 for another hell day! meeting, that is, and staying for the opening shift afterwards. This is both better and worse than going to the early-morning meeting and then coming back in the afternoon to close.

I came home from work last night and went right to bed, because I was really f-ing tired. My wife kindly brought me dinner, which was very nice of her because I didn't have the energy to leave the bed once I had gotten my work uniform off and had climbed into it. I read stuff on-line until after 10, but then just went to sleep because I could not keep my eyes open any longer.

My original plan had been to come home, have some dinner, watch a little TV, and then be in bed before 11:30-ish, but that didn't survive very long.

...but I woke up at 1:30 AM, and that was it; I was awake. Opened the bunker (because it had gotten very cool outside) and had a snack, but nothing helped, and I tossed and turned until about which point I kind-of fell asleep enough that the alarm woke me at 6.

Hit the snooze button for half an hour--I set the alarm half an hour before I must get up, specifically in order to give myself time to get used to the idea of getting up, and also in case I am having trouble--and then got up on the tick at 6:36. Showered and put myself together, then hit the road--for the first time, remembering that I could not take my normal route to work since they've ripped it all up and the road's closed, and must go around. Whee. (Mrs. Fungus also fed me some scrambled eggs.)

Stopped at McDonald's and bought a Big Breakfast, because I knew A) that I'd have time to eat it before the meeting started, and B) that I'd need the energy.

Got to work, wolfed down my food and a donut. Endured two hours of droning, feeling half-embalmed. Before the place opened I drank a can of NOS Zero, which--as usual--tasted like sweat socks, but it did wake me up enough that I wasn't behaving like a zombie towards the clients.

Although the shedule was jam-packed, I figure about 2/3 of the scheduled appointments didn't show up, which made my morning a lot easier. I had time to work on setting up a new PC for one guy, and to get some other things done; of course, though, I had the Phone Activation From Hell crop up half an hour before I was sheduled to leave.

I don't know everything there is to know about cell phones, so I am mystified as to why this should be so: the phone was a Sprint cell phone, but it wasn't trying to contact Sprint's cell towers; it was going through Verizon, and so it would pop up an error message every time I tried to make a call, and try to route the call through a live operator. I activated the phone, spent twenty minutes on the phone with Sprint, and then had to spend thirty minutes on the phone with Sprint technical support to get the old phone reactivated and doing what it was supposed to do. What a clusterfuck, especially considering that this is the second time this happened in a row.

Left work 15 minutes late. I got home and--same as yesterday--collapsed, though I had to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich to shut my stomach the hell up. I couldn't even be angry about that; not only was I too tired but at that point it had been six hours since my (admittedly large) breakfast.

Next thing I know, it's 7:30 PM. I get up and hit the can, and there's no water pressure, so I pull on shoes and go out front to have a look at the street...and sure enough, down at the north end, there's water all over the place: a main has broken. (Again.)


I got nothing done today that I had wanted to do, such as finishing the job of cutting grass that I began Thursday (and had to curtail because I had a trustee meeting to attend). I'd gotten the mowing done that I could do with the rider, but wasn't able to get to the trimming with the pusher. Getting that done today, however, was predicated on my getting some sleep Friday night, which didn't happen, and fortunately the grass will still be there in a few days when I have a day off again.

I guess that when I have to get up at "oh shit thirty" I am just going to have to reconcile myself to the fact that I am not going to get any f-ing sleep, because it seems as if I can never sleep when I have to get up unusually early like that. And I am going to have to plan my schedule accordingly.

I can still do the rest of what I intended, at least theoretically. I could, for example, go out to the garage and readjust the motorcycle's chain. I rode it to church Thursday night, and it was making the characteristic noise it makes when the chain is too tight. I had hoped that it would slacken a bit after it was ridden a little way, but it didn't, so now I need to go back and loosen the adjusters a half-turn or so.

What will I probably end up doing? Right now all I want to do is go get a pizza and then vegetate in front of the computer. We'll see what Mrs. Fungus thinks of that plan.

* * *

Two from AoSHQ:

Water your lawn with your tears, prole. California is suffering a drought. What a surprise! Half the state is a desert!

People are required to keep their lawns nice and green; they get fined if they do not. There is no exception for the case where there has been no rain for extended periods of time and a watering ban has been emplaced; and so now you will be fined if you don't water your lawn, but you will also be fined if you do water your lawn. It's win-win for government!


Someone needs to remind Hamas that the koran says suicide is a sin. Well, that's why muslims aren't allowed to go live on Mars; it's a hostile environment and you might die, and suicide is a sin! So if it's a sin to try to colonize other worlds because of the danger to life and limb, one must assume that it's even more sinful to strap bricks of C4 to yourself and go blow yourself up in a lame attempt to kill some infidels.


It seems they were strapping explosives to donkeys. I got confused because the post at AoSHQ referred to "jackasses". So, never mind; there's nothing in the koran about converting donkeys into guided bombs.

Related news: progressives still enthusiastically support Hamas even though another constituency of theirs has had its mission offended. PeTA could not be reached for comment.

* * *

John C Wright dissects Elizabeth Warren's risible "core tenets of progressivism". They are pretty f-ing stupid.

* * *

Well: that pizza is not going to order itself, and Mrs. Fungus has requested breadsticks, so I'd better get my butt in gear.

Before I go back to bed. *sigh*

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