atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4308: THAT is a movie I desperately want to see.

Last night I had this dream, and in it, I was watching TV when on came an old episode of Twilight Zone or something.

It was the original inspiration for Despicable Me.

The dream-movie was live action, shot in black and white. Gru was a real person who looked very much like the CGI character. The minions were little people in costumes. All the technology was steampunk, and it was f-ing cool.

I got the impression, as the dream progressed, that it wasn't Twlight Zone after all, but a European movie from the 1930s, even though Gru spoke English. (The minions spoke Japanese? WTF.)

Anyway, it was amazing thing to see. That movie would be awesome if it actually existed. *sigh*

* * *

Today I saw a pickup truck that made me think, "That guy has got to be compensating for feeling 'understaffed'." It was a Dodge truck, lifted about fifteen inches with massive tires. It was a dually, so it had four massive tires on the back for a total of six oversized wheels and tires; further it had gigantic chrome exhaust stacks mounted in the bed. The whole package screamed, "I HAVE A PAINFULLY TINY PENIS!!!"

Work today was f-ing insane, too. From the time I got in until closing I was running at full-f-ing-speed, even with other people working the counter, but the rest of the staff in the precinct left at 6 PM leaving me all alone. Holy shit was I busy--and I was literally still working at that pace at 9 PM when the store closed. WTF.

Get out of the place and it was like walking into a soggy electric blanket. *sigh*

* * *

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I've got the day off from work. My plan is to cut grass, wash dishes, and maybe--just maybe!--finally get the f-ing motorcycle chain adjustered so I can ride the bitch. That would be so very, very nice....

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