atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4316: Eew! WTF IS this??

Among other things, I found the pile of cassettes that I always left at home because I didn't want to lose them and didn't listen to them very often. (If at all.)

This stack includes the cringe-worthy audio skits some friends and I did in 1977, 1982, and 1983. I really can't listen to these things with others around because here is audio proof that I was once a stupid, stupid kid ("Did I think this shit was funny?") but I cannot throw them away because they represent precious memories of simpler and more innocent times.

But there was one tape that I had absolutely zero trouble tossing in the trash can. I scanned through it to make sure, but then it went right into the garbage.

In 1986, 1987, I was trying to hear--again--a song that I never really knew the name of, but which I really liked, and so one thing I tried was to put a tape in the old "all in one" stereo I had and hit "record", and recorded about ninety minutes of WNUA while I worked on writing or whatever I was doing. The idea was, hopefully, to catch the song on tape and then transfer it to another tape as needed.

Of course, they never played that song again.

The tape I tossed was the tape that I'd recorded that night...and it was full of some of the most GOD-AWFUL CRAP IMAGINABLE that wasn't pop music. God-awful jazz fusion--yeah. It was pretty frickin' horrible, and I now find myself wondering how on Earth that shit managed any sort of commercial success.

This one song was the exemplar of the type. It took three different styles of music and crammed them into one song, with abrupt transitions from type to type. The first could charitably be called "elevator music". The second style--the best of the three--was a fusiony relaxing bit. They went back to the elevator music for a bit, then flipped the switch on an African tribal sound. None of it fit together.

And it went on, and on, and on, AND ON....

So the tape went into the trash.

I also summarily tossed out tapes for which I have long since had CDs. Kansas' Point of Know Return--why do I have this? I tossed a tape that had Steve Winwood on one side and David Sanborn on the other--both recorded from CD--because I don't have a car with a cassette deck any longer. The Fiero has CD. The Jeep has CD. Mrs. Fungus' car can play all sorts of things, but not cassettes, and if something wonderful happens and I end up buying a new car someday it sure as hell ain't gonna come with a cassette deck. CD-R and MP3 have done for the noble (but perilously serial) analog audio cassette.

I am going to keep the MEMREEEEZ but get rid of the dross. That'll have to do.

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