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#4317: Zardoz

So last night Mrs. Fungus and I sat down to watch Zardoz on demand because it has Sean Connery in it and because Mrs. Fungus saw a promo pic of Sean Connery in a wedding dress.


The best scene was a flashback showing Sean Connery standing in front of a line of men with staves, who were supposedly tilling the soil. The one closest to the camera falls over from exhaustion, so Sean--entirely without drama--raises his revolver and shoots the guy. *plop* *bang*

It was a weird movie but we enjoyed it.

* * *

So, WTF, NASA says the Emdrive might actually work? Do I understand this?

Emdrive. Essentially it's microwaves bouncing around in a sealed waveguide, and somehow this imparts motion to the whole works. It's supposed to be physically impossible but NASA measured a nontrivial force being generated by a version of this thing.

...a long way from hoverboards and flying cars since the lab model generates a few micronewtons of force, but it's a step in the right direction if it's actually happening and not due to experimental error or wishful thinking.

* * *

So, I'm thinking this is probably why lettuce is so f-ing hard to find right now. This past week I paid $2 for a head of lettuce, and was glad to pay it because I had only seen romaine lettuce available anywhere.

Lettuce--and in the middle of summer, the freakin' season for them, green peppers are also spendy and hard to find. The last time I bought green peppers they--again--were overpriced and of dubious quality, but--again--I was glad to have them.


Related: Yeah, it's not like water falls from the sky or anything. I hate these malthusian stories about how we're going to run out of water on a planet that's only 22% dry land.

* * *

Today I had to work 7.5 hours without a break. There was no lunch break scheduled for me; besides me, one other guy was there in the precinct. I was able to sneak off to the bathroom as needed but otherwise I was on duty the entire time.


Well, it can happen once in a long while, but it had better not start being a habit: "Oh, we can just go ahead and schedule Ed to work a full-time shift without any breaks!" No.

* * *

Incidentally, here are some inadvertent Garfield Without Garfield mash-ups:


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