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#4318: Who knew it was that good??

Tonight we had Little Caesar's for the first time in a while.

I strode into the place and boldly ordered a deep-dish pizza with their "triple meat" topping (sausage, pepperoni, bacon) and left about $14 poorer when I added an order of bread sticks to it; the pizza was under $12 and the bread sticks--with two dipping sauces--under $3. I had to wait ten minutes for them to cook the pizza. Then I got home and Mrs. Fungus and I tucked in.

...and I was astounded by the amount of cheese on the pizza. It was like a pizza commercial, where someone takes a slice and then there are these long, pendulous, ropy strands of mozzarella stretching from the slice to the rest of the pizza--which almost never happens in real life unless you order extra cheese with extra cheese on top.

Then I had a bite.

I was all, "WTF? How can such a cheap pizza taste this good?" It was amazing.

Back in the old "Pizza! Pizza!" days, when you got two pizzas per order, Little Caesar's had some good f-ing pizza. They lost that for a while; but now apparently they've got their mojo back, because damn.

* * *

The title says it all: "This Week in Stupid: 'Queers for Palestine'".

"...For over ten years, gay Palestinians have been fleeing their own country and settling in Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities on the planet."

* * *

0.16 mg per cc.

It's a graphene aerogel, and it's lighter than helium. Shouldn't it float away?

* * *

OOF. Apparently Japan's GDP is set to contract by a stunning 6.5%.

That's going to be bad.

* * *

Another 7-hour day with no breaks. (I did get to go to the bathroom once, after being there 4.5 hours. I am such an ungrateful bastard!) I left at 9:02 PM, two minutes after my scheduled departure time, which ought to make up for leaving one minute early yesterday.

Unlike yesterday, though, I was at the counter the entire time, working with clients. Yesterday I had time enough to sit down at the computer in back and knock out a couple of computer-based training courses. Not so today, not until 15 minutes before my shift ended. Then I was able to get the shipping taken care of, so the person who was scheduled to close wouldn't have to do it.

"Wasn't that you?" Nope. Every time I've been scheduled to close I've been scheduled until half an hour after the store actually closed. So if I'm scheduled to close on a Sunday, for example, I'm there until 8:30. When I'm not scheduled the extra half-hour--or so I have been told by managers--I leave at my scheduled time, or as soon as I'm done dealing with the last clients of the day.

So I left at 9 PM, as scheduled. If they want me to work until 9:30, they should schedule me to work until 9:30. No?

* * *

Anyway, so this afternoon when I was on my way to work, I stopped at McDonald's for some food. I was feeling pretty discouraged about a bunch of things, and really didn't feel like going to work. As I waited in the drive through, I heard a familiar song playing on the PA system.

...this is a place that either plays moldy oldies (50s rock and roll) or whatever horrid pop nonsense is currently infecting the airwaves. Why this song happened to be playing--exactly when I was suffering from situational depression--is either the result of staggering coincidence, or some kind of message.

It's either creepy or encouraging, and I don't know which.

* * *

Well, now it's time for some entertainment.

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