atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4325: Yesterday was entertaining.

Mrs. Fungus and I watched all four of the Indiana Jones movies at one sitting. As expected, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not nearly as good as the other three movies. It was, in fact, vastly inferior. I found it entertaining enough, but seeing it in close proximity to the first three films just pointed out how much modern filmmaking SUCKS!

I think Raiders of the Lost Ark is best; Mrs. Fungus says Temple of Doom is the best. ToD was the first movie I ever saw where I left the theater and was in my car before I remembered that there's actually a real world around me, so I can see why she has that opinion, but I still think RotLA is better on several technical aspects.

The original concept grew out of Lucas' and Spielberg's appreciation for the old movie serials. That's where the last movie fell down: it wasn't like a movie serial, and this particular adventure of Indiana Jones relied too much on gee-whizzery. (ESP, aliens, communist spies, etc.) To make matters worse, it engaged in self-parody, having things happen which were tongue-in-cheek references to the serial genre. Raiders of the Lost Ark was a serious movie (though there were some humorous moments) and Temple of Doom was equally serious. Last Crusade turned Marcus Brody and Sallah into comic relief, which was a mistake, because it made the story too lighthearted. The latest movie went even farther--too far--along that trajectory. The turns of its plot were far too predictable and some scenes actually descended into cheesiness. (Okay, like the greaser kid befriending the monkeys--WTF was that about?)


* * *

Now Korea is working on building mechs. A powered robotic exoskeleton is the first step along that road.

* * *

Of course, if we pulled our troops out of Europe, imagine the cries of protest. Last year I would have wholeheartedly endorsed Borepatch's idea as an excellent way to curtail our military spending. This year, however--with Putin and Ukraine and all the other nonsense going on--I am much more reluctant to let Europe fend for itself.

I do think that if war comes to Europe (as seems increasingly likely) we should stay right the fuck out of it, but I don't think we'll have that option. NATO, you know.

* * *

The Emdrive experiment showed thrust where there should have been none. The control experiment showed nonzero thrust of the same magnitude as the test experiment, so that indicates that there's something wrong with the measurements, and that means no reactionless thruster for you. We will not be going to space today.

* * *

For some reason, work really took a lot out of me today. It wasn't even a particularly hard day.

* * *

The new motorcycle chain sits on my desk, waiting for me to have time to install it. It will not happen today or tomorrow. *sigh*

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