atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4326: I agree: quarantine the continent.

Vox Day suggests the best way to prevent a world-wide ebola epidemic. With a quarantine you let things in but you don't let things out, and that would allow humanitarian aid to be sent in without us having to worry about ebola carriers coming out.

America should stop letting its aircraft fly to and from Africa right the fuck now, and not let any flights originating in Africa land here, because if we wait until this nascent epidemic gets a foothold here in North America it will be too damned late.

Vox compares this to the explosion of AIDS in the homosexual population in the 1980s but ebola is obviously and (compared with HIV) immediately fatal. You get ebola and you're likely to be dead within a week of becoming symptomatic. Until now, the strains of ebola that we've had to deal with have not been very contagious, but this newest strain is extremely virulent and you can get it from contacting any body fluid from an infected person.

AIDS is like a mild cold next to ebola. Even if it's 1983 and they don't have any drugs or treatments or tests or anything.

If this shit spreads farther than Africa it'll make London in 1666 look like a birthday party. Okay, ebola is deadlier than the friggin' black plague--you didn't see that one coming, did you?

Yes, if we quarantine Africa, there is going to be an epic shistorm of wailing and moaning and teeth-gnashing. Too bad.

* * *

You're kidding, right? James Brady was wounded by John Hinkley in his assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, in 1981. By my count--check me on this!--1981 was some thirty-three years ago, and Mr. Brady did not die of a gunshot.

Weer'd is right'; this is nothing but political grandstanding.

* * *

That's about all I've got today. Oh well.

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