atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4337: Well, now I have no excuse.

Today I finally got the synopsis and author bio for #RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ONE finished in order to submit the thing to Castalia House.

After doing the last post, I fired up OpenOffice and had a gander at the synopsis. I forged ahead, and finished summarizing...and had perhaps 1.2 pages where I had to have 1.0 pages, so I got to edit until I had pared it down to one page. And then I pared it down still further to get a couple of extra blank lines on it so I could add a header.

Besides that I wrote the one-page bio also required of submittors; that was easier to manage. Next step is to combine them with the submission draft of the novel, then make a PDF of it and e-mail it to them.

There's no "submit it and wait six months" with this one; they say they try to get every submission answered within a month of submission--so I'll know sooner rather than later.

Castalia doesn't do advances but they give a higher percentage of royalties. Baen (which is my other option) is a traditional publisher. Either way, the first sale is the hardest, and once I have that under my belt I should be able to get motivated to get more stories to publishers.

It's still nerve-wracking, and difficult. Wish me luck. This is the hardest part of writing fiction; if you want it published and you don't want to self-publish the thing you must submit the it and face the possibility of rejection.


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