atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#433: Ultimate Stupidity

That could almost be a spam e-mail subject. But I digress (and haven't even started yet...).

This morning I got lucky in the Jewel parking lot--the spot next to the handicapped spot was free, so I drove into it. Mom and I went in for her prescriptions; when we came out, a Suzuki SUV was just turning into the aisle my car was in.

Here is an ASCII schematic, with the # representing my car, * representing other cars, and the % representing the empty handicapped space:

\*\*\ \#\%\ --->store

The bonehead in the Suzuki sat and waited for me to get out of my space instead of just pulling into the space next to me. In order to save himself about five feet of walking, he not only sat and wasted gas while I guided Mom to her door (her vision is worse than usual today since she just had a procedure done on her "good" eye) but was blocking traffic as well, so someone else had to wait for him to move!

And yes, the guy was fat.

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