atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4339: Mrs. Fungus' new PC

It's Floristica's twin, of course, since it's the exact same model.

The only real difference, other than software settings, is that hers has a little bit of a scratch on it. About halfway down one edge of the box, something tore it open, and whatever it was nicked the case. It's such a small cosmetic defect you can barely see it; I asked Mrs. Fungus if she cared and she told me she did not. Certainly it wasn't hit hard enough to damage anything inside, and since we spend much more time looking at the screen than we do the computer case, who cares?

(I offered to swap my non-scratched bezel for her scratched one, but she's fine with it as it is.)

Anyway we unboxed the thing and I looked it over, determined that the damage was minimal, and we proceeded to set the thing up. It took me perhaps fifteen minutes to get the basic setup completed and to install Pale Moon, Webroot, and OpenOffice; then I started with the WoW client and we watched the latest ep of The Leftovers.

Everything looks good, and it's so fast it makes you want to punch yourself in the face. Yeah.

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