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#4340: It just takes enough boxes

WoW was acting strange last night, and it turned out that there was a DDoS attack taking place that was causing all the weird behavior.

Blizzard has a lot of server capacity, obviously, because they have subscribers all over the world. I'm trying to imagine how big of a botnet it would take to DDoS World of Warcraft--well, it wasn't actually out of service because I had absolutely no trouble logging in, so the Deliberate Denial of Service failed in that respect.

What it did do was make it impossible to group up or to queue for randoms; that was acting funny such that I would queue, the other party members would agree to roles, and would drop us from the queue. When we got into a dungeon, the client couldn't find the instance and dropped us back to where we'd been when the thing popped, and further it couldn't find information on the rest of the pick-up group so they all looked as if they'd disconnected. "Teleport to dungeon" didn't work the first several times we tried it, either.

Anyone who tries to DDoS WoW needs a lot of boxes to do it; otherwise you just end up inconveniencing people a little bit.

* * *

This piece is making the rounds of conservative sites on the Internet and with good reason. "The more progressive the city, the worse a place it is to be poor and/or black," says Kevin Williamson.

(This link has autoplaying video commercials, with audio, which is annoying as hell.)

* * *

The great 'religion of peace' is showing its true face yet again. Islamists go into a village and demand that everyone convert or die. One man refuses to convert; do they kill him? (Which would, by the way, be bad enough.)

Nope! They kill all the men, and take the women and girls captive. As Denninger says, "I bet you can guess what happened to them,..."

This is what the "religion of peace" is.

The peace of the grave.

* * *

Yesterday I noticed that my watch was running slow. I set it to the correct time before leaving the house, and by the time I got to work it had lost five minutes. I tried to remember the last time I put a battery in it and couldn't, so I figured that was the issue. Once at work the first thing I did was pop the back off and double-check how many batteries it takes, then bought a two-pack of the right size because I couldn't buy just one.

The employee discount on batteries is pretty significant. A new battery fixed the problem, too, which is good because I really don't feel like shopping for a new watch right now. I wouldn't spend more than $30 on it, but going to the store and such would be all efforty, and I don't want to.

"Who wears a watch in this connected age where nearly everyone has a cell phone which gets its time from an atomic clock?" Plenty of people, damn it, especially people who prefer to glance at a wrist rather than haul out a cell phone.

It's been more than a decade since I habitually wore a watch. Up until about 2004 I wore a watch constantly--except when sleeping or bathing--and it was a habit I'd had since about age 19. Now I only typically wear a watch to work.

I'm never going to be the kind of person who insists on having an expensive watch, because I'm too hard on them and I don't care about "bling". What I want is a watch that tells time with resonable accuracy and doesn't cost too much. LL Bean sells (or used to) an all-mechanical, self-winding watch for about $150, and I would pay that much for a watch with those features if I could reasonably expect it to last more than ten years, but so far my current watch is the record holder at seven and counting, and at that its Indiglo dial no longer lights up.

Someone once explained to me the basic conceptual differences between analog and digital watches. An analog watch, he said, was more accurate, because it presented time as a graph--but in fact I think he assigned the wrong advantage. An analog watch is easier to understand at a glance because it presents time as a graph: you can see where the minute hand is and without having to do any math get an idea of how much time you have before X. The digital watch is more accurate--because it presents the current time to the second, as a number, without you having to interpolate hash marks on a dial--but if it's 7:42:15 and you get off work at 8:00:00 you have to do math to figure out how long it is until you punch out, something you don't have to do with an analog watch because the information is right there: about a third of an hour. Less accurate than "17.75 minutes" but easier to grasp at a glance.

His argument--though somewhat incorrect--convinced me that analog watches are superior, and as I've aged I've come to realize how much more efficient they are than digital watches. When I look at my watch I'm usually not looking for a precise time; certainly I don't need one-second accuracy in knowing what time it is. Generally knowing the time to within a minute is more than accurate enough, and as long as the watch keeps time properly I don't need to worry about it. And being able to see the clock face and get an intuitive idea of how long until/after/whatever is vastly easier than having to say, "Okay, if it's 3:32 now and I get off work at eight...subtract 3:32 from 8:00...that means I have four and a half hours left."

* * *

So, here is one aggravating thing about the new computer: I can't record "What U Hear" from the built-in Realtek audio hardware. That seems to be a feature only of Sound Blaster software, worse luck.

I have a workaround, though, I think; I'm going to try patching my tablet into the "audio in" and see if I can record decent quality audio that way. That would let me rip songs without too much extra effort. Still, it kind of sucks that I have to do that. Argh etc.

* * *

Rain today, enough to keep me from cutting the grass. It hasn't rained a lot in the past couple of weeks so the growth rate of the lawn has naturally decreased. It's not grown a lot since last week but it's looking shaggy, which is a good enough reason to cut it, but I won't be doing it today.

It was a pretty nice morning, though warm, and we had one line of showers go through around 1:30; now it's starting to clear off--but the grass is wet. That would be a crying shame...if I had any energy, which I don't. Yesterday was a very tiring day at work and I could have slept better last night.

Oh well.

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