atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4341: Well, guess what?

If you have the right software, you can recored "What You Hear" regardless of who made your sound card.

If you have teh Audacity, that is. As a bonus, Audacity is freeware!

I was successfully able to record a good quality copy of "Touch" by Brokenkites:

(Incidentally, IDK WTF is up with that video. Talk about your crappy film school projects....)

I would have been glad to buy it from Amazon, if I could have bought just that song, but it was another case of "Pay $9 for the MP3 version, which is $1 more than buying a physical copy would cost" as was the case with "Margherita" by Amba:

...and which I was able to rip from "what u hear" with the old computer because it has a Sound Blaster in it.

Anyway, with Audacity and that tutorial page from its manual, I was able to set up Floristica to record audio directly from the audio card, without me having to go through all sorts of other bullshit. Of course I discovered this after I hooked up the tablet to the "audio in" jack and played Hob trying to record the thing three times. First it was too loud and clipping; then it was too soft; then it was "just right" but there was so much audio noise that I gave up in frustration.

Moral: do your Googe-ing first.

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