atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4342: Well, guess what?

After a trip to a local hot dog hut--a place we'd never tried before that has excellent hot dogs--we ended up falling asleep and slept like rocks. We woke up, and I went to the bathroom; when I went to wash my hands the valve sucked air.

I put on shoes and went out front and--sure enough--there's a sizable river running down the street. Now, how long has it been since the water main broke up the street? I could excuse that since I have no idea how long it's been since they had a problem at that end of the street.

But this break happened in about the same place as the last water main break on this street.

It's too dark to see, and my flashlight was insufficient to the task of lighting things enough for me to really see. Further I didn't want to walk on the place where the break has actually occurred, because there's a lot of dirt up on the pavement from it and I don't want to fall in a sinkhole. It's right in the ballpark, though.

I have lived here since 2004, and in that time there have been a total, now, of four water main breaks on this street...with three of them occurring within fifty feet of each other.

WTF, Fungal Vale?

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