atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4350: I find that I COULD care less. But not much.

Apparently a little league team in Chicago won the pennant or something like that. I saw it on a billboard and thought, "Oh, how nice for them." Then I realized that I cared--just one tiny iota of a smidgen--and therefore I could, indeed, care less.

Not much, but I could. Hooray.

* * *

Matt Walsh: "...yet we’re still told that no gay person would ever try to impose their lifestyle on anyone else."

Short form: lesbians managed to get a court to force their lifestyle on unwilling participants.

* * *

Today was just as exhausting as I'd feared it would be when I accepted a coworker's request to swap shifts. If I hadn't accepted his request, I would have been off today and worked close tomorrow. Instead I opened today, and that made the third day in a row that I worked the counter without any freakin' breaks. (I had a break on Saturday; what am I complaining about?)


On the plus side, the money will help.

I came home tired enough to want only to go to sleep, but unfortunately I was starving, so something had to be done about dinner. Mrs. Fungus suggested that I could go get hot dogs from the hot dog shack we visited last week. I was not too keen on the idea, until I realized that if I were to take my motorcycle it would be fun, and that gave me enough energy actually to do it.

It rained again this morning, a super-heavy rain like yesterday and the day before, which means I will not be cutting the grass tomorrow as I had thought to. No, it's too damned wet out there. Argh etc.

Anyway it was five days on my feet, and so I'm pretty f-ing tired.

* * *

This evening I saw some video of Obama giving a speech somewhere, and I could see that for most of it his eyes were fixed on the teleprompter. It was obvious that he was reading right off the thing.

The other thing is, he was tan. I don't mean his regular skin color; I mean he's several shades darker than that. Gee, I wonder what he does that gets him out in the sun enough for him to be that tan?

...when he's retired from politics and decides to keep it real by releasing a rap album, he'll have to call himself "Sir Golfs-a-lot". I'm just sayin'.

* * *

All I do is talk to people and fiddle with their computers. Everything in my body should not hurt like this. WTF.

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