atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4352: Am I on Bizzaro Earth or something?

I went to the DMV to get a license plate sticker for the Jeep, and it quite literally took me longer to walk in and out than it did for me actually to get the sticker!

It's the last Wednesday before the end of the month, and I guess people are waiting until payday to do it? Because this year is night and day different from last year even though today is the third last business day in the month.

I quite literally walked in, got told where to wait in line, got called before I was in line, and was out of there in minutes. I even put the sticker on while the Jeep was still in the parking lot; that job is done until this time next year.

Now I just have everything else to do today.

Next up: I'm going to dump some Slime into the tractor's still-leaking tire, re-fill it with air, and then cut the grass. The Slime ought to plug the leak the rest of the way, and then it'll be in good shape. Once the grass is cut?

The choke cherry tree at the top of the driveway dropped all its fruit. I have not seen this kind of thing happen before, and I have no idea what made it happen this year. Nonetheless it has, and yesterday when I left to go to work I was engulfed in a cloud of flies as I crossed the driveway to the jeep--all bugs feasting on the bounty laid before them.

This is annoying enough that I'm going to dig out the pressure washer and blast that crap off the driveway. Hoo-f-ing-ray.

On my way home from the DMV I observed that I have only bought $40 worth of gas this year for the lawn mowers, and I realized it's because we had a cool and wet spring (meaning I could not cut the grass very often) followed by a few warm spikes, then more extra-wet weather that kept me from cutting the grass very often; after that, cool and dry weather which kept the grass from growing all that much. I may have to buy one more can of gas before the grass stops growing, but that'll probably get us into winter when I start needing it for the snowblower...assuming this winter will be like last year's.

It's a party here in the Fungal Vale!

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