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#4354: There is, after all, no inflation!

Karl Denninger gets it.

I have been struggling to find 80% lean hamburger under $3.50 a pound. The last time she went shopping, Mrs. Fungus bought three pounds of 85% lean for $4 a pound and I told her she'd done well. The average price of bacon now flirts with the typical sale price of porterhouse steak. Butter, milk, eggs, cheese, flour, sugar--all the staples have risen drastically in price, and where I used to be able to get a loaf of bread for $1 all the time I must now look for sales...and usually the bread is gone--sold out--when it's that cheap.

Denninger is right when he says all American voters share responsibility for this--we enable the record deficit spending in D.C. by re-electing the fuckers--but never lose sight of the fact that the government is lying to you about inflation and just about everything else.

And inflation is really hurting right now because wages are not keeping pace with inflation. In fact, as the graph demonstrates, for most people wages are shrinking rather than growing--so while prices are going up, people are taking in less money in absolute terms, not just relative ones.

Thanks to Obamanomics, the rich are getting richer and the poor really are getting poorer.

* * *

Including the CDC, lying about vaccines. It turns out that the CDC hid data which demonstrated a link between an MMR vaccine and autism in black children.

After all, it's much more important that people be immunized, right? Even if it results in a bunch of cases of black children developing autism--what's a few extra retards of color? It's not like they're important people, you know, like doctors or politicians or CDC bureaucrats, right? Can't make an omelette without breaking eggs! And it's very important to make sure everyone is immunized against the measels!

Vox day concludes:
That's an open admission, from a senior scientist, that the CDC actively engages in statistical fraud and therefore cannot be trusted with regards to ANYTHING it says related to vaccines. This doesn't mean that all vaccines are necessarily useless or do more harm than good, but it does prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that any arguments that rely upon CDC data have to be junked.
This admission indeed does taint any study that relies on CDC data, because the CDC has just been demonstrated to care more about politics than actual real science.

* * *

Did you know that the US government subsidizes sugar magnates?

You see, the government of the United States decided--many years ago--that the market price for sugar was just too low for anyone to be able to make money on producing it, so it was necessary to ensure that the price was artificially inflated.

That's why a lot of our sweetened products are made with high fructose corn syrup rather than sugar. HFCS is cheaper than sugar. It doesn't taste as good, and it's worse for you than sugar is, but damn it, those poor sugar barons would starve to death if we weren't subsidizing them.

That's also why Pepsi made in Mexico is sweetened with sugar, because in Mexico sugar sells at the market price rather than the artificially inflated price subsidized by the US government.

Pretty much, our government interferes with the market price of all agricultural products, which is why we have farmers being paid not to grow crops and milk price supports and a whole slew of other programs which are essentially government giving away taxpayer dollars to anyone who claims to own a tractor, all of which result in American consumers having to pay more than fair market price for commodities.

(This is another one of those things that Denniger is talking about, by the way. We vote for this, and if we want it to stop, we have to vote for it to stop.)

* * *

The United States is contemplating a "bail in" a la Cyprus, should it become necessary. What, you think "it can't happen here"? It damned well can, and will, if things get bad enough.

Which, as Ms. Barnhardt points out, they just hasn't become obvious yet.

* * *

Matt Walsh is right; PBS has outlived its usefulness. PBS is going to show a documentary which attempts to "humanize" legalized infanticide, AKA "late term abortion". You know, the kind where they jam scissors into the back of the kid's skull, then suck his brains out.

* * *

Polygamy is legal in Utah again.

I think polygamy is a bad idea. How can you say that you love a woman if you're unwilling to commit only to her, and no one else?

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