atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4357: Consumer confidence cannot be gamed

Not when everyone is unemployed and broke.
The propaganda machine is working at hyper speed as the wheels fall off this out of control bus. But all the messaging, packaging, and lies can’t change the facts. Ignorance about the facts doesn’t change the facts. The oligarchs are getting pissed. You mindless consumers simply won’t consume as much as you used to, even with 7 year 0% interest subprime auto loans, $1 trillion of government loans to generate consumption disguised as student loans, and five credit card offers per week from the Too Big To Trust Wall Street cabal. WTF is wrong with you?

You’ve ruined the storyline used for months about horrific winter weather being the cause of non-spending in the 1st quarter. Once it stopped being cold you were supposed to spend like drunken sailors again. Just like the old days. How could you spend less in July than you did in June? You’ve only increased your spending by a mere 1.8% so far this year. With real inflation on stuff you need to live running above 5%, you’re actually spending far less than last year. No wonder confidence is skyrocketing.
The point that the artice is so sarcastically making is that there is no economic recovery. Whatever confidence consumers may have, it does not translate into people spending money on things, mainly because they don't have money to spend on anything other than the necessities.

So while it is possible for the Keynesian economists to game the numbers to make everything look peachy-keen, the map is not the territory. Like an idiot following the directions of a GPS with outdated maps, anyone who listens to the official government numbers is heading for disaster, because the government is lying.

We are in a depression which started in 2007. It has been continuous since then, it has not abated, and if you know where to look you can see the facts. Because a lot of the middle class are being crushed between inflation and unemployment, they know what the truth of the matter is, and they are not fooled by the elites claiming that everything is now perfect. It's not, and we know it's not, and further we know that it's not going to get better any time soon, particularly as long as the current crop of clowns is in charge.

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