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#4359: The simplest answer is DON'T TAKE NUDE PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOURSELF

Just don't do it. That way, no one can hack into iCloud and plaster your nudie pics all over the Internet. If you can't resist the temptation, at least be smart about it. I mean, if you simply must engage in nude autophotography, use a camera and lock the SD card in a safe and never, never, ever upload the pictures anywhere. (Hint: sending them in an e-mail constitutes "uploading". Just so you know.)

Vox Day summarizes the situation rather neatly: "...[S]toring those pictures on public servers protected by dubious security is not exactly what one would describe as the technologically sound option."

Karl Denninger comments on why you should implement your own infrastructure for uploading and storing photographs if--y'know--the idea of not taking nudes of yourself is too complex for you to handle. Apple has no incentive to delete anything you upload, not even if you request that it be deleted, and I'd wager that these celebrities are going to discover that when they agreed to the "terms of service" for iCloud, one of the clauses they agreed to was not to hold Apple responsible for a security breach very much like this one.

* * *

If these birds were being covered in oil there would be an international effort to rescue them and mitigate the future deaths. Network news would be covering the effort with video at 6! Since they are dying at a green energy facility, you have to come to Borepatch to even hear about it.
Yep, solar energy is killing birds. No film at 11 though because we can't show that all energy is going to have some kind of effect on the environment; that would interfere with the "green energy GOOD, other kinds BAD" meme.

Mustn't give people the wrong idea about solar power, after all!

* * *

Worked 7.5 hours today and it's a holiday. Woohoo money!

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